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Category: Insiders Library

Conditioning Series

This series was published previously in The Muse, but the information is so valuable, I’m putting it into our Insiders Library as well. Understanding that polymer clay behaves differently depending on the brand, the age, the color, the temperature, and the conditioning status really can change how we see it. Hopefully these articles will shed some light on why this magical material does what it does!

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Rejuvenating Old Clay Sheets and Veneers

Whether we’re saving cool Skinner blends or keeping decorated sheets/veneers for future use, we often run into trouble when it comes time to use those sheets. With time, the sheets usually become brittle, start to crack, and are no longer suitable for being used. What’s causing this and is there a way to save these sheets?

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Studio Tour

I recently overhauled my studio. Here’s the deep-dive on each section, including the furniture I chose and why I made the decisions that I did. Includes a video studio walk-through and info about the buffing area and the video/photography studio.

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radiating lines on polymer clay earrings

Trend Watch: Radiating Lines

Here’s a trend that has evolved out of arches, sun rays, flowers, and art deco motifs. It’s also optimistic, fun, and boldly graphic. Here are radiating lines in polymer clay earrings.

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foredom buffing machine in plastic box

Buffing Box

If you’ve ever been buffing something and had it fling out of your hands, you’ll understand why this box is great. It also helps to contain dust in my studio.

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English Literature

What does English Literature have to do with polymer clay? Not much. But I’m positive that there are aspects of polymer clay that are your own personal version of this common habit.

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cluttered room

What NEXT?

What do you do with all the stuff that you create? Maybe the best question is why do you have it? Here are my thoughts on this trouble that’s oh-so common for people who are new to this medium.

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