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foredom buffing machine in plastic box

Buffing Box

If you’ve ever been buffing something and had it fling out of your hands, you’ll understand why this box is great. It also helps to contain dust in my studio.

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English Literature

What does English Literature have to do with polymer clay? Not much. But I’m positive that there are aspects of polymer clay that are your own personal version of this common habit.

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cluttered room

What NEXT?

What do you do with all the stuff that you create? Maybe the best question is why do you have it? Here are my thoughts on this trouble that’s oh-so common for people who are new to this medium.

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knitted polymer clay earrings

Copying and Simple Designs

Who owns a design when something is trendy, very popular, and simple to make? How can you protect yourself from copying when you’re making simple things like this?

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fingertips holding found blue glass

Honing Observation

Here’s a simple exercise that you can do to help hone your observational skills. It’s something that I do a lot, and I can say with certainty that it not only helps me become more observant, I see more cool things than I would otherwise.

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reflection in a puddle in broken pavement


What you see with your eyes is not necessarily what is there. Your perception is a skill that you can develop, and this skill is important for artists and creatives to develop.

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person holding crystal globe in front of brooklyn bridge

Observational Skills

We assume that our progress as a creative artist has to do with technical skills. But maybe it’s more about observational skills.

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Is tracing cheating?

Is it cheating to trace a photograph to use as the basis of a drawing? Turns out that it’s far more than a head start that allows art to be competent. You also need to do these two things.

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