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Color shifting nail polish from Holo Taco.


It’s easy to get caught in the trap of only seeing things from our own perspective. But just as the way color shifting nail polish will be a different color depending on the perspective, your view of the world will be different from the one of the people around you. How can you use perspective to teach you new things about your artwork?

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polymer clay softeners

Softening clay with oil

We’ve all had it happen. You get a clay block that’s hard, crumbly, and will not hold together no matter what you do. Make sure that you do try to condition it because many brands will soften right up with conditioning. But sometimes clay is just too dry.

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Screw Rods

We commonly use household items as tools and textures in our polymer clay work. But here’s a tool that you might not have thought about using.

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Tall Poppies

What do tall poppies, crabs in a bucket, and your britches have to do with each other? The cues from our culture shape us throughout our entire lives. If you’re not aware of the unconscious pressures, then you could be held back by stores you don’t even know that you believe.

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polymer clay tissue blades

Sharpening Tissue Blades

Everyone recommends that you use a tissue blade when working with polymer clay. But they get dull so fast and we cut ourselves so, so often. Here’s my solution to the tissue blade dilemma.

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What is Clutter?

We all have this idea that clutter happens because we have too much stuff. Oh sure, we all could use a bit of Marie Kondo in our lives. But why do we have clutter?

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