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Sanding and Buffing Polymer Clay

Sanding and Buffing Polymer Clay

Welcome to the “front page” of the Sanding and Buffing course. I’m glad you’re here.

 I know that you want to learn how to sand and finish your polymer clay more effectively and with less frustration. Great! I will show you how to create a perfect finish on your polymer clay without wearing yourself out or having results that make you sad. You’ll learn how to sand better not harder.

This course is delivered here on my website in a standard step-by-step course format. But don’t worry, there are no tests or grades! Note: This course can also be downloaded in the form of a formatted,  127-page PDF. You can find the button for the PDF version in the Sanding Resources section. Be aware, though, that the PDF won’t be updated as often. The online course version will always have the most current information and resources.

The Sanding Resources section also includes sources and links for the materials mentioned in this course. In addition, I’ve listed trusted polymer-centric suppliers around the world, so you can find good suppliers near you.

There is also a User Gallery where you can upload your own photos of the sanded and/or buffed projects that you’re proud of. Let us see what you’ve made! If you have any questions, there is a private Questions and Discussions section where you can get help from me or other owners of this tutorial.

Course Navigation

Below is a directory with each of the sections and topics in this course listed. You’ll notice there are three main sections, each with a different type of information. You can navigate from here, or you can use the navigation panel at the right (or below if you’re on mobile). At the end of each topic and section will also be buttons to help you get around. Thanks for joining me here. Click on “Introduction to Sanding and Buffing” to get started.

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