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Ginger's Musings

Come inside Ginger’s studio and go behind the scenes of The Blue Bottle Tree. Get insight into what Ginger is working on, including unpublished ramblings and philosophical thoughts. You just never know what will show up here.

Burned Toast Thinking

There is a story out there about mothers eating the burned toast so that their family has good toast. It’s become a metaphor of sorts

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Where does this come from?

Humans are complex. We often feel more than one way about things and have conflicting voices in our heads. It’s normal and common to have

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Material vs Medium

Lately, I have fallen in love with the material of polymer clay. That seems like a funny thing to say, especially since I’ve been working

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Asymmetrical Growth

My daughter is the one who prompted me to take a beginning pottery class. She took two semesters of ceramics at university and is taking

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First, learn your craft

Because it’s been Thanksgiving break, we didn’t have pottery class this week. But there’s a code for the door, so I can go in anytime

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Learning to See

Originally published in the Winter 2018 issue of The Polymer Arts Magazine. Right now, while you’re holding this magazine and reading the words on the page (or screen), I want you to play a little game with me. Without moving your eyes from these words, shift your attention to the

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Writing on Polymer Clay

It’s common to write on ornaments, perhaps with a child’s name or the year that it was made. (And this info will be relevant for anytime you need to write on polymer clay.) There are three basic strategies: letter stamps, pens or markers, and image transfers. Letter Stamps There are

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Mixing Primaries in Various Clay Brands

As mentioned in the Color Mixing Challenge, to get the brightest, purest color mixes (that you can then tone, tint, or shade however you want), you’ll need primary colors. Primary colors are ones that don’t contain any other color. They’re a single hue. As we’ve found, the primary colors for

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PanPastels – An Overview

We’ve already learned about using pastels with polymer clay, then we explored the types of pastels there are out there. Now I want to give you some more info about one specific brand of artist’s quality pastels, PanPastels. While you can still have phenomenal results with regular student quality pastel

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A Focus on Pastel Quality

Pastels are an artist’s and crafter’s material that is incredibly useful and versatile for use with polymer clay. I discussed them first in this article, so make sure to read that one first. But I wanted to give you an idea of the types of pastels out there and which

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A variety of artist's pastels

Working with Pastels and Polymer Clay

Pastels are commonly used with polymer clay, and for good reason. They’re very versatile, and we can use them in many ways with our polymer clay work. Here is summary of what pastels are and how they can be used with polymer clay. This article is part of the Discovery

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assortment of small vials and jars of nail powder

Nail Powders and Pigments

In recent years, nail art has become quite a trend. Not only do people go to special salons to have creative nail decorations applied, they also buy the materials to create these colorful treatments at home, themselves. These days any color is available and it goes far beyond simple nail

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Shiny spray gloss varnish on Premo polymer clay test tile.

A Spray Varnish that Works!

Spray gloss varnishes nearly always become sticky when used on cured polymer clay. This spray varnish doesn’t seem to turn sticky. It has a beautiful glossy shine, too.

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Mica powder can’t be layered

Mica powders can’t be layered, and they don’t necessarily need to be sealed. What? What is this madness? Yes, there’s more to the story. Same goes for pigment powders.

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Foredom Bench Lathe for Buffing

In one of our Studio Drop-In sessions recently, we talked about things that were game-changers that we waited too long to buy. This was mine. I should have bought this long ago. Buffing polymer clay to a high gloss can certainly be accomplished by using a Dremel. But it’s hard

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