Baking Polymer Clay

Baking Polymer Clay

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In this short course, get the real scoop on the tricky problem of baking polymer clay. Learn about baking times, temperatures, types of ovens, and baking supports. If you’ve ever struggled with breakage, burning, or just not being sure if you’re doing it right, this is the course for you. It’s all here.

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Upon purchase, you’ll immediately be granted access to the self-guided Baking Polymer Clay mini-course. The confusing (and often contradictory) advice you might have received from groups and videos is set straight and explained clearly in this step-by-step, written format. The class is self-paced and designed to bring you the information you need to determine the best way to bake or cure your polymer clay projects.

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photo of Ginger Davis Allman from The Blue Bottle Tree.

24 reviews for Baking Polymer Clay

  1. Dianne Boardman

    So much awesome information, Ginger you go out of your way to help so many people. We really appreciate you sharing your vast knowledge. The course covers everything and is very easy to understand.

  2. Kathie W.

    Well worth the money. Lots of great information. I highly recommend!

  3. Sanne

    Baking/curing polymer clay correctly is not easy. There is so much information online, but not all of it is correct;). This guide is so very useful and my pieces are so much stronger now! Thanks Ginger:)!

  4. Gary Cokayne

    Great information, I will buy some more of Gingers tutorials.

  5. Dee Reichert

    ALWAYS great information from Ginger! So many tips and techniques! Bought this for a new employee she’s going to love it!

  6. Madalina

    Such a useful tutorial! I have been playing with polymer clay for a few years, but I was always insecure if my jewelry would break or not. Now, I know I can sell may earrings❤thank you!

  7. Bronnie

    Oh, this is good! I’m very new to polymer clay. My first bake wasn’t great, so I purchased this tutorial for bake 2. Success! Not perfect, but I knew what had gone wrong and how to fix it.
    This tutorial built my confidence as well as my skills and I’m loving this craft.
    Fully recommend.

  8. Sarah Bunyard

    I thought I knew about baking until I read this. A MUST READ.

  9. aniko Feeley

    I downloaded this tutorial and not only is it informative but was sooo helpful. I now do my clay baking differently with great results.
    Thank you Ginger for putting the time and effort into The Blue Bottle Tree so the rest of us can benefit.

  10. Barbara Clifford

    I have read and reread this marvelous tutorial several times and now feel ready to put everything into practice.
    So sincere thanks Ginger for sharing your tutorials with the rest us.

  11. Kristin Horstman

    This tutorial was so helpful! I was a little confused with the baking process and sold brittle clay because I thought that was the only way! Going through this tutorial and reading other things on the blog has really helped me. I want to bake strong clay now and I am so thankful for this tutorial!

  12. Georgia

    This tutorial was excellent. Had me understand better all the scattered information i had, as well as clarify a few misunderstandings. Being new to this materials had me wondering about a few technical issues but not anymore. A highly recommended tutorial.

  13. Jane Pellicciotto

    I haven’t finished this tutorial yet but I’m totally impressed with all of Ginger’s materials. It’s well worth the cost, saving hours of your own testing (and mistakes). Very well put together tutorials and customer service.

  14. Daisy Garibaldi

    Excellent e-book of reference.

  15. Bronwyn

    Extremely helpful tutorial, I can now bake extremely strong clay which I had been struggling to achieve.

  16. Pranjali Karve

    This tutorial is really thorough and covers all the aspects of baking and curing. Its highly recommended for anyone doing polymer clay art. I follow all thebluebottletree posts on Instagram eagerly. The tricks, tips and resources are amazing. Thank you so much for this Ginger.

  17. Alex

    I’ve been working with polymer clay off and on since 2012, but something I realised after going through this course was that I never baked it properly. At least never hot enough, since I always baked it for long enough. I am also using an oven thermometer now to make sure my temperature is accurate.

    I always kept feeling like my Super Sculpey blend of 1/4 firm to 3/4 original should have been stronger and less brittle than it actually was, but I kept blaming the clay, rather than myself for not baking it thoroughly. The last two pieces I baked since taking this class are very strong in comparison and have broadened quite a bit the range of work I can do with this ‘newfound’ cured clay strength.

  18. Deborah E Goodrow

    Baking/Curing is probably the MOST important part of your polymer clay creation. No matter how beautiful you make it, if it is not baked properly, it’s going to be fragile and brittle. This tutorial goes over everything you need to know to get it right. I absolutely trust Ginger for accurate, researched information. Every one of her tutorials are an excellent value!

  19. Natalie

    I’ve been working with polymer clay for nearly 30 years but I still had the occasional project come out discolored or under-cured. I learned so much from this tutorial! A few changes to my process and understanding temperature and how to manage it have been complete game-changers. The finished results are strong and the colors are true.

  20. Robyn Allan

    Thanks Ginger that was very informative. I’ve picked up using polymer clay after many years break and this has made a big difference. In fact if only I had read before purchasing the cheap little oven, whose thermostat is outrageously off! I’ll be looking at polishing next 🙂 I love your thoroughness and dedication to testing. It’s starting to rub off on me I think

  21. Susan

    Unmissable tips, even for experienced clayers!


    I have been baking small projects for a long time, but created a larger one that I knew would need the big oven to complete. I am glad I got the tutorial so that I had confidence that all the work on the parts wasn’t ruined when I assembled them and did the big bake! The tute gave me all the info I needed to be secure in my methodology. BBT tutes are always absolutely great! Ginger is one smart cookie!

  23. amandine nabarra

    This tutorial will save you a lot of time and headaches if you’re just starting. Ginger is always testing and improving her knowledge which makes her tutorials informative and to the point. A very reasonable investment that will get you started on the right foot.

  24. margaret macaulay

    I am so glad I purchased this tutorial! I was a bit apprehensive about working with polymer clay and the “health and safety” concerns (myths?). After reading the “Baking Polymer Clay” tutorial, I’m confident that this is a medium that is safe and easy to work with. The tutorial is full of invaluable information about the correct way to work with the polymer clay and a reassuring ‘troubleshooting’ section that explains why and/or how things can/might go wrong. Highly recommended!

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