Blue Bottle Insiders Full Year

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If you’re a seeker, curious, and want to grow as a creative…Insiders is your place. We are a diverse community of all ages and stages of polymer clay makers and artists, coming together to explore our medium and process. There are many ways to be involved, from reading the articles, posting and supporting in the community, joining the Discovery Challenges, to participating in the live events. The topics are diverse and fascinating. Join us and learn what we can do when backed by supportive colleagues!

(Note: Unlike other maker communities, this is NOT on Facebook. Want more info? Read more below.)

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This special listing is for a single purchase of a full year’s membership in Blue Bottle Insiders

Unlike other maker communities, Insiders doesn’t use Facebook or other privacy-compromising platforms. No algorithms, ads, or data-mining.

Here’s what you’ll get when you join Blue Bottle Insiders:


  • Ginger’s Musings (the more philosophical stuff)
  • live online interviews with well-known creatives and makers
  • live BYOB Roundtable discussions (bring a beverage and we’ll discuss a topic)
  • Insider’s Library (exclusive articles and resources)
  • modern community (not on Facebook)
  • monthly Discovery Challenges where we discover and apply a topic to our own work
  • bi-weekly Studio Drop-Ins for casual studio chats with Ginger


  • polymer making and everything polymer clay
  • creative growth and development
  • business tips
  • networking with others
  • materials, products, shared experience, etc.
  • sharing our good/bad/ideas/support


  • culture of excellence and realistic positivity
  • apply what you learn
  • support
  • accurate info
  • connection with others
  • access to experienced and helpful makers
  • a colleague experience unlike any other
  • help support Ginger in her work

You can see a preview here. Come Inside!



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