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Blue Bottle Insiders is a members-only platform where hundreds of clayers “learn by doing” in an engaged and inspiring peer-to-peer culture. We support exploration and excellence through discussion, live meetings, and a full archive of all posts, articles, and recordings. It’s the connection you’ve been missing.

If you’re a seeker, curious, and want to grow as a creative…Insiders is your place. We are a diverse group of polymer clay makers and artists, coming together to explore our medium and process.

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Membership is $15 monthly or $150 annually, billed automatically and seamlessly until you want to stop. Several members have asked how to give more to support a resource they love and rely on, so the Pay What You Want option is an easy way to do that.


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Membership is $15 monthly or $150 annually, billed automatically and seamlessly until you want to stop. There is also an annual Pay What You Want price option. No weird obligations or hidden stuff. You can control your subscription (or even put it on hold) from your account. Easy peasy. *Please note all options are non-refundable. All options give the same access to everything the Insiders membership offers. Unlike other maker communities, Insiders doesn’t use Facebook or other privacy-compromising platforms. No algorithms, ads, or data-mining. Here’s what you’ll get when you join Blue Bottle Insiders:


  • Ginger’s Musings (the more philosophical stuff)
  • Live interviews with experienced creatives and makers
  • Work Along sessions (on Zoom), sharing a common project
  • Insider’s Library (exclusive articles and resources)
  • Short Courses
  • Modern community platform with forum (not on Facebook)
  • Studio Drop-Ins throughout the week for casual polymer-centric chats


  • polymer making and everything polymer clay
  • creative growth and development
  • business growth
  • networking with others
  • materials, products, shared experience, etc.
  • sharing our good/bad/ideas/support


  • culture of excellence and realistic positivity
  • apply what you learn
  • support
  • accurate info
  • connection with others
  • access to experienced and helpful makers
  • a colleague experience unlike any other

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photo of Ginger Davis Allman from The Blue Bottle Tree.

27 reviews for Blue Bottle Insiders

  1. Alycia

    A wonderful community of people exploring the polymer clay medium – willing to share their processes and their failures. Ginger is so generous with her time in keeping the conversations going, and the monthly challenges help me to stretch my brain and think of new ways to adapt this wonderful medium to creative purposes. The wonderful live events are a great way to have conversations with artists and makers from around the world, and the hosts always make sure everyone feels included. Frankly, it’s the best place on the internet.

  2. Sherri Thompson

    Blue Bottle Tree Insiders has quickly become my favorite place on the internet! It is the best place for sharing, learning, inspiration, connections, socializing, fun, and friendship. There is no drama or ads. There is no snarkiness or haters. It is the place you go to get away from all of that in the mainstream social media world. The drop-ins and convos on zoom are a wonderful way to get to know your fellow artists and makers. It’s a place we can learn, share, and grow together. I cannot recommend it enough. My only regret is that I didn’t join sooner. Thank you, Ginger, for creating such a wonderful place!

  3. Helene R Delaurentis

    Excellent resource for information for new and expierenced clayers alike. Have a question about polymer clay, just go to The Blue bottle Tree for answers. Ginger Allman takes the mysteries out of polymer clay.

  4. Gillian Wiseman

    This group is filled with friendly, sharing, creative spirited people who will lift your spirits and boost your creativity.

  5. Amy

    Connection and community make The Blue Bottle Tree Insiders different from all the other ways to find polymer clay information and inspiration on line. It is one thing to watch a YouTube video about a technique that you like. But it is much more valuable when you are part of a family of invested individuals. Insiders is a true community of ‘clayers’ be they artists, dabblers, or experts. I go back to Insiders again and again to participate in an ongoing conversation and a living group o friends.

  6. Amy Sutryn

    This is the place to join if you want to participate in thoughtful conversations, request constructive critique, share tips and tricks n all aspects of polymer clay from making to selling and everything in between. Interviews with master artists, roundtable discussions on focused topics, monthly challenges that stir our creative genes, and more!

  7. sbdunn1

    I’ve been getting Ginger’s hints and inspirations for years. I almost didn’t join Insiders because I have several other polymer clay subscriptions. Boy, am I glad I did! Ginger always has valuable information and product reviews, just as she has for years. The inspiration and support we get from the members of the community is priceless! My favorite thing on the site is the monthly challengers. This month, we’ve been doing pinch pots. You should see the variety of pots people have done! I’ve even done some. if you join, you’ll get access to the community and you will see them. Ginger has built something really special with Insiders and I encourage everyone interested in polymer clay and art to take a look. You won’t be disappointed!

  8. Kim Snowden

    This is a fantastic community with so many different resources included. It’s not just the people (although they are a big part of it) but also a great place to explore the different aspects of polymer clay and how they fit into what you are trying to make. There are tons of tips, challenges to help build your skills and knowledge, sessions to meet guest artists and fellow community members. This is a great place to be, whether you’re starting out, or been working with polymer clay for years. Highly recommended!

  9. Dawn Gaye

    I just joined but I know for sure – having been on Ginger’s List for MANY years and owning many of her tutorials – that this is going to be an awesome experience! Please tell me I haven’t missed any of the weeks that focus on Pastels!!

  10. susana martinez

    This is an amazing way to be part of a community where you can share valuable information in an organized and cohesive way, unlike FB.

  11. Vicki Murphie

    Ginger’s Blue Bottle Insiders is a must join group to be part of – generous spirited people who share ideas and have some good conversations, and the global reach makes to polymer world feel a lot closer. Highly recommended

  12. Linda Britt

    For several years I’ve been a fan of Ginger’s Blue Bottle Tree. I’m also disenchanted with Face Book. When the opportunity arose to join the Insiders group here, I just could not pass it up. I’m sure I’ll participate more in the zoom session and I enjoy all the information on this site. Worth being a part of this!

  13. Celeste Wilkie

    Joining Ginger’s Blue Bottle Insiders is akin to belonging to an international Guild. I’ve learned and shared with persons all over the globe and found that we’re not all that different. Ups and downs are the norm and no matter the culture we all have the same goals – to share and support. I love this site and thank you Ginger for creating this Guild for all of us to join.

  14. aklavender10

    Insiders is the place to be, I’ve just joined and already been able to join zoom chat, such beautiful people sharing our experiences. Excited to share and learn more. I’m at the right place after 2years now working with polymer clay this will motivate me in the right direction in so many ways.

  15. judithwinshel

    When I began working with polymer clay a couple of years ago, Blue Bottle Tree popped up, and I found myself turning to Ginger’s site constantly for information on every aspect of the art form. When Ginger offered Blue Bottle Insiders membership a couple of months ago, I signed up instantly. How wonderful to be a part of this community of artists. Warn, interested, creative folks from all over the world to talk and listen to about so many aspects of polymer clay and life. Join us, I promise you will love it.

  16. Monsoonwendy

    Blue Bottle Insiders is very different to other corners of the internet. Which is one reason I am very happy to be a part of it. The ever generous, wise, positive and straightforward Ginger has enabled a community of equally generous, thoughtful people to discuss and learn about MANY aspects of creativity. Not just the nuts and bolts of making something with polymer clay. Sometimes not EVEN the nuts and bolts! But the bigger, broader, more enduring and gritty issues around being and staying creative in the midst of a busy, sometimes creativity-stifling world. People engage as they can. Due to time differences I am not always able to watch things live, but everything is recorded and some sessions are run twice to allow people from different time zones to engage. I recommend Insiders for those just starting on their journey (I tell all my students to check it out) and for old farts like me. It is well worth sussing out.

  17. Marlene Gremillion

    I enjoy the insiders relaxed atmosphere with thought provoking stimulus and interesting interviews along with sharing ideas.

  18. Jennifer Summers

    It’s impossible to rate Insiders highly enough – there is nothing else quite like it; it’s a supportive atmosphere, a place for reflection, skill building for both practical polymer clay applications and self-relationship, confidence building community, with artist interviews and drop-ins to ensure there are plenty of opportunities for other artists to interact with and be inspired by. It’s a warm place, filled with people who are concerned for each other’s development, lead by one of the most generous teachers you will ever come to know, Ginger Davis-Allman. If you have an interest in polymer clay and are interested to develop in all the ways you can think of – and those you haven’t thought of yet, then you need to join! It’s worth much more than the nominal monthly fee, it’s an investment in your tool kit, which will be indispensable and much used! Come and see for yourself!

  19. Gillian Wiseman

    The Insiders group at BBT is great! Everyone loves clay, is interested in furthering their knowledge, and sharing insights with other PC artists. There’s none of the negativity that can crop up in other, less dedicated groups. I’m especially enjoying the drop-in sessions where we just chat about anything! It is more than worth joining.

  20. Debra Sher

    It is so motivating to be able to talk with others who are so passionate about working with polymer clay. With Blue Bottle Insiders, I’ve been enjoying the articles, information and the Zoom meetings which provide camaraderie, answers to questions, LOTS of tips and knowledge and great support. Don’t delay…join us today!

  21. Deb

    Want to be a part of a community of artists of all skill levels from all over the world who regularly share ideas, opinions and expertise – Blue Bottle Insiders is the place for you! Easy to navigate with pertinent categories. So glad to be a part of Ginger’s latest brainchild.


    If you work with polymer clay you should be part of Blue Bottle Insider. You will find a community at its very best. I love to participate in Zoom meetings which cover a wide variety of topics with other artists. I also like the live Zoom interviews with known artists. You learn about their journey of polymer clay art. This is a supportive community that gets you thinking about your own journey. You can see what others are creating and learn new things and have great conversations.

  23. joan tayler

    Hello out there in the polymer clay world. I think that you should consider joining the Insiders. It is a great way to find the answer to questions that you didn’t even know you had. I have found the interviews interesting and informative, chats with other artists a great way to solve problems and support one another. I have learned a lot about brands I have never tried and tools that I have never used. Thanks Ginger for setting up this group.

  24. Robielyn Sweet

    Insiders is such a wonderful, supportive community. You can get your questions answered by experts, you can find lots of tips, see what people are doing, have wonderful Zoom metings with well know artists, and much, much more. This is a wonderful community for everyone.

  25. Phyllis Cahill

    Insiders is unlike anything else that I’m aware of for polymer clay artists. It’s caused me to think deeply about different subjects, learn new things, get a glimpse into well-known artists’ creative lives, and have meaningful conversations with other members who aren’t just there to show their work or get a question answered and leave. There are twice weekly Drop-In video calls with Ginger, the ultimate expert on polymer clay. We talk about polymer and related subjects while working on our own projects, which is a great to make new friends and break up too much alone time in the studio. Ginger frequently writes new articles specifically for Insiders that go much deeper than what’s available to the public. If I were to imagine an ideal online polymer community gathering and learning place, Insiders would be it. Every day I look forward to what’s happening there and know even more wonderful things are to come.

  26. amandine.nabarra

    This is a community of artisans and artists who share and support each other. It’s also an incredible platform to learn and share our projects, ask questions, toot our own horn. It’s interesting, fun and I love to be part of this tribe.

  27. Lesley Magaril Delia

    Greetings clayers! I joined Insiders about two months ago and really encourage you to join us. While I cant make it to most of the live virtual meetups due to responsibility conflicts, the on line discussion has been hugely helpful and rewarding! Insiders attracts knowledgeable and experienced clayers and between the other Insiders and Ginger, I have solved several practical problems like oven spikes and have had likeminded folks to talk to about artistic dilemmas and avenues of growth. Its not just a bunch of us offering support. Its a place to dig into our thoughts. … and the more of us there are, the better our discussions will be. … so come join us!

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