Contemporary Polymer Clay Earrings with Shape Templates

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Learn to make professional-looking contemporary polymer clay earrings with this detailed tutorial and troubleshooting guide. Includes 25 pages of printable templates in earring-sized shapes in dozens of variations. No need to buy expensive shape cutters. Learn to make flawless earrings with this unique tutorial and set of templates.

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The tutorial includes 25 pages of printable shape templates, a detailed tutorial showing how to make professional-looking contemporary polymer clay earrings, and a troubleshooting section that helps you identify problems you might have.

The templates include popular earring shapes such as circles, arches, ovals, teardrops, squares, oblongs, hexagons, pentagons, and free-form designs. Each shape is reproduced in graduated sizes and several variations.

Instructions are included showing how to create earrings with templates so that costly shape cutters are not necessary.

There’s also a comprehensive supply list and worldwide sources are included for both polymer clay supplies and earring findings.

If you’re new to working with polymer clay, I recommend also purchasing the Getting Up to Speed primer to give you the basic background for working with polymer clay.

If you’re interested in understanding the medium of polymer clay so that you can expand your designs to new frontiers, you’ll find the Polymer Clay Essentials eBook to be invaluable.

14 reviews for Contemporary Polymer Clay Earrings with Shape Templates

  1. Rebecca Chisenhall

    This is a very enjoyable tutorial and packed full of templates for earrings–all you could ever need! I can’t wait to get started on my own creations with these.

  2. Emily

    This was very helpful. After learning some new ways of doing things I believe that I have been able to oduce better quality earrings and reduce the time it takes me to make them.

  3. Linda Brooks

    Great tutorial packed with lots of info! Love the templates and tips on working with findings!

  4. Roxanne Parsons

    This is a great tutorial…. Easy to follow, tons of template shapes provided to experiment with, and lots of ideas for development. Thanks Ginger!

  5. Barbara Anderson

    What an awesome book! Ginger always explains things so clearly – and includes a little humor! One of the main things I wanted was the pages and pages of shape templates! Those will come in so handy! Thanks so much Ginger for always being the Polymer Clay guru!!

  6. kfkoch

    This is another wonderful tutorial from Ginger. Everything I have bought from her (several e-books and tutorials) is very clear, easy to follow, and very fully developed. It is an absolute treasure trove of design templates, and would have been worth the price for those alone. Thank you, Ginger, for your efforts to produce these terrific resources!

  7. amal.eldefrawy73

    One of the most amazing tutorials I ever had. Clear and explained accurately as usual
    thanks so much

  8. martymcgraw

    Thanks, Ginger, for a wonderful tutorial that is easy to navigate, with beautiful pictures, and lots of tips for great results, and all those templates!

  9. judy.youssef

    What an absolute treasure trove of earring templates! Really brilliant idea, Ginger.
    Thank you for corralling all these shapes together! I’ll be using this continuously.

  10. MommaG

    What a myriad amount of templates! I love the variety of not only shapes, but sizes! Wonderful (of course) project book!

  11. Monsoonwendy

    Does Ginger get bored reading reviews that use words like “typically” and “as usual”? She had better get used to it! This, as usual, is a clear, thoughtful, well explained and excellent tutorial typical of all her tutorials! Thanks again Ginger!

  12. melodyhill

    Another awesome tutorial by Ginger. The templates alone are worth the purchase price.

  13. Gilladian

    A typically superb tutorial – thorough, accurate and well- photographed. And the templates will be endlessly useful.

  14. kvastis

    A lovely and to the point tutorial that will help anyone make professional looking earrings.

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