Getting Up to Speed in Polymer Clay

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Are you confused by all the information about polymer clay? Have you always wanted to try polymer clay but were afraid to get in over your head? Are you an accomplished crafter or artisan but want to add some polymer clay techniques and features to your existing work? Here’s your answer!

I have been listening to and paying attention to the frustration voiced by people who just want to get on with it and make things in polymer clay but don’t know where to start. So I created this introductory class that covers what you need to know to get started creating with polymer clay and doesn’t bog you down with a bunch of stuff you don’t need to know.

This isn’t a comprehensive study with extensive how-to information. There’s plenty of time for that later. This is just enough to get you up and running so you can begin working with polymer clay and begin your journey making what you want to make. Plus, this will help you avoid the most common (and disappointing) newbie mistakes.  I discuss choosing a clay, conditioning, safety, tools, baking, finishing, and sealers. I share some resources and give a list of suppliers for people both in the US and in Europe.

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This class is aimed at beginners in polymer clay, especially those who have experience in other crafts.

No materials are required.

What to Expect

After purchase, you’ll have instant access to the class framework. There you will find the following:

  • Class material in a self-guided format
  • Resources (including worldwide suppliers)
  • A questions and discussion section.

Your class will take about 15-20 minutes to read through. It’s to-the-point and informative, but isn’t intended to be a comprehensive education in polymer clay. For that, you’d probably prefer reading Polymer Clay Essentials and the Baking Polymer Clay classes. Your purchase includes full customer support to help you enjoy your tutorial to the fullest.

Text and images in this tutorial are Copyright © 2013-2019 by Ginger Davis Allman, of The Blue Bottle Tree, all rights reserved. That means you can’t share this class material, teach or give it to friends, post the file or contents online, or sell it, etc. However, your creations are always yours to sell, share, and enjoy as you desire. I always appreciate credit and a shout-out whenever possible. Thank you!


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