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Many people, especially new polymer clay artists, do not have a pasta machine and therefore have trouble making the famous Skinner Blend. This tutorial teaches you how to create a range of colors that gradually change from one color to the next and there are no tools required but your own two hands and a blade!

I also show you how to form paper thin circular disks, by hand, of any diameter, up to about 2″ (5cm), without making a sheet or using shape cutters.  I teach these techniques as I take you through three projects:

1) Translucent Blue to Clear Lozenge Beads Necklace
2) Beads Both Ways Necklace
3) Rainbow Disk Bracelet

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The Graduated Colors Tutorial is 36 pages long and has over 45 photographs and diagrams.

This easy tutorial assumes you know the basics of conditioning and baking polymer clay. A pasta machine and cutters are not required to make the thin discs you see in the illustrations above.

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11 reviews for Graduated Colors Tutorial

  1. margaret macaulay

    “Graduated Colors” is a beautifully photographed, easy to understand tutorial that includes 3 follow-along projects that have step-by-step photo-guides (that helped me immensely to ‘follow along’). It was so much fun seeing myself successfully create the same end product! You will learn how to work with your polymer clay, you are introduced to alcohol ink tinting and so much more. For the price, this tutorial is chock-full of invaluable information you will want to have this in your own tutorial library to refer to on a regular basis. Highly recommended!

  2. Monica Schutze

    A fantastic tutorial! I especially love the use of a microbiology technique to reliably mix polymer clay, fear not the technique is explained in great detail and it is easy to follow. No more wasted clay people!!

  3. Marlies Möckli

    This tutorial is a must for all polymer clay enthusiasts! As in all her tutorials (I have them nearly all), Ginger explains all the basics and so much more. The tutorial is easy to read and absolutely not boring! Only one way to know: buy it, you will not regret it!

  4. Vasiliki

    I loved the tutorial! The instructions are very easy to follow and the result will not disappoint you!

  5. jennifer

    This is my third tutorial from Ginger ( Mica leaf pendent, and the basics course) and all I can say is omg. Lots of instructors tell you how easy their instructions are, but Ginger’s really are.She assumes nothing, and literally leads you step by step,leaving nothing out. For ten dollars I got three projects and learned a new way to do a Skinner blend that works without all the hassle of running through the pasta machine a zillion times yah yippee . I am so glad I found Ginger and the Blue Bottle Tree. If you are undecided about getting any oh her tutorials wait no longer, take my advise and go for it, you won’t be sorry I promise

  6. Krithika

    This is a fun tutorial on how to create a gradient effect with almost no waste. Ginger includes neat diagrams that illustrate all the steps making it very easy to follow. You can create very nice sets of beads with this technique either with a single color way or in rainbow hues. You could use the beads as is or distress them further, so many possibilities! This is also a great technique to get comfortable with a specific brand of clay and still create some pretty pieces.

  7. Robin Stevens

    I love that Ginger always does thorough research on her topics before she posts a newsletter or a new tutorial. Much of the trial and error has been completed by her and saves me lots of time. Instructions and explanations are clear and easily understandable. And, Ginger is always available if I have a question.

  8. Carol Wilson

    This was one of my first tutorials from The Blue Bottle Tree. I love this tutorial because it not only taught be a new technique but it taught be about color mixing and blending. I’ve used it over and over again and have sold everything I’ve made using it as an inspiration. Ginger’s tutorials are thorough and detailed. She not only explains each step thoroughly, but she passes on information from her own personal testing. Each of her tutorials are more than just a project or just a technique.

  9. Ginger Davis Allman

    Reviews now can have star ratings. Please share your thoughts about the tutorial!

  10. Lyn Boundy

    I love this tutorial. It is my first from Ginger and the Blue Bottle Tree but it definitely won’t be my last. So many ‘recipes’ in books and on websites are over-complicated and hard to follow but this feels like having a friend sitting beside you helping you through the process. In fact the technique it describes is not that difficult and falls into the ‘why didn’t I figure that out?’ category – but I didn’t! It takes one brilliant mind to come up with what should be the obvious way of doing things and share that information with the rest of us.

  11. Carrie Harvey

    Lots of useful info in this tutorial – thank you, Ginger!

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