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Inventory Sheets

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Have you ever stood in the craft store aisle wondering if you were still out of a specific color at home? Have you then bought something and come home to find that you already have several bars of that color, but are STILL out of a different color? It’s really easy to have chaos when trying to keep track of all the colors, bars, and sizes of polymer clay that you have in your stash.

These printable Inventory Sheets will help you take charge of what you have. Using these sheets, you can do a quick inventory of your clay and then you’ll know when you need to buy a new color or when you have enough on hand.

There are 60 pages of printable inventory sheets here, encompassing all major brands (see list below) and containing up-to-date colors.

NOTE: These Inventory Sheets are provided free as a bonus to Blue Bottle Insiders members. If you are a member, you’ll find the Inventory Sheets in the Resources section on the Insiders platform. If you’re not yet an Insiders member, you can purchase your membership here.

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These printable Inventory Sheets contain 52 pages of lists with the major brands and lines of polymer clay and both the current and discontinued colors. To use these sheets, just print out the sheets for the brands you’d like to inventory. Then count your clay and tick off the boxes corresponding to the number of clay packages you have. As you use them, you can cross out the tick marks as well. This way you will always know what you have on hand. This is also a good way to be sure that you have all the colors in a line of clay.

Discontinued lines of clay and colors are included since many of you still have them in your inventory and the blocks do still need to be counted!

The included brands/lines of polymer clay are:

  • Original Sculpey
  • Super Sculpey
  • Sculpey III
  • Premo
  • Souffl√©
  • Bake Shop
  • Fimo Professional
  • Fimo Soft
  • Fimo Effect
  • Fimo Leather
  • Fimo Doll Professional
  • Fimo Kids
  • Fimo Classic
  • Pardo Professional Art Clay
  • Pardo Mica Clay
  • Pardo Translucent
  • Pardo Jewellery Clay
  • Kato Polyclay
  • Cernit Number One
  • Cernit Opaline
  • Cernit Nature
  • Cernit Neon Light
  • Cernit Translucent
  • Cernit Metallic
  • Cernit Pearl
  • Cernit Doll
  • Cernit Glamour
  • Cernit Shiny
  • Papa’s Clay
  • CosClay
  • Craft Smart
  • Hobby Lobby Craft
  • Hobby Lobby Advanced
  • Liquid Clays
  • Clay Softeners

We’ve worked diligently to make these sheets as accurate as possible, but manufacturers don’t always share this information with consumers and their websites can be wrong! We update these pages often and purchasers of the sheets are always welcome to download a new version when the pages are updated.

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  1. Rebecca

    Wow – who knew I had so much clay??? And so many different types and brands!! Although I have a few clays that are not on the list (basically brands that are not polymer clay) and there are some on the list I have never tried (store brand clay) I found this list to not only be helpful but also illuminating. Thank you Ginger for all you do.

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