Making Watercolor Agate with Polymer Clay

Making Watercolor Agate with Polymer Clay

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Have you ever looked at a stone that seemed to have worlds inside of it, with swirls and ribbons of magical color? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to make this material in any color with the materials you already have in your art supplies? Watercolor Agate is my name for this fascinating (and addictive) process for making a faux stone matrix that you can use to make jewelry, cover glass vessels, or even use to make coasters or tiles for your bathroom wall. In this 70 page course, I’ll show how to make the Watercolor Agate matrix and help you explore endless variations. I illustrate this technique by making contemporary earrings, but you can use the matrix for making whatever you’d like. This is an incredibly fun and fascinating process. Purchase includes the online self-guided course and optional PDF download if that’s more your jam.

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You will get the best results from this course with translucent polymer clay. I recommend using Premo or Cernit. And you’ll also use art materials that you’ll likely already have on hand or they can be purchased in any craft store. This course is suitable for everyone from absolute newbies to seasoned experts. The tips and in-depth information that are sprinkled throughout this course will surprise you and take your polymer work to a new level. The course, itself, is fun. But you won’t want to stop making Watercolor Agate pieces. Trust me on this. It’s so much fun!

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photo of Ginger Davis Allman from The Blue Bottle Tree.

68 reviews for Making Watercolor Agate with Polymer Clay

  1. Cheryl

    I loved this technique. Ginger’s tutorial is absolutely amazing. So much detail with photos and step by step instructions for so many variations. I’m quite pleased with how my leaves turned out and look forward to doing more with this technique and trying out new tutorials from the Blue Bottle Tree.

  2. Peggy Reichenbach

    Ginger’s tutorial is easy to follow and love all the extra tips!

  3. Francie Owens

    Great tutorial. Very well done and so many ways to make it my own. Had a lot of fun playing with it.

  4. Athena Barda

    My first tuto by Ginger!I was in awe by the details,the thorough,step-by-step instructions,the alternatives she offers and the application potentials.Sure my choice for summer projects !I definitely and strongly recommend it!!❤️

  5. Shannon Presson

    Excellent tutorial! Lots of pictures and very clear step by step explanations. I’ve always admired this look and I’m so glad I found this tutorial because I was able to get started right away making some fabulous “agate” effects. Thanks, Ginger!

  6. Lillian Pickering

    Haven’t had a chance to get into it yet, but Ginger is one of my polymer clay gods and I know it will be both fun and straightforward when I do start this project.

  7. Kim Tynan

    This is my first tutorial from Ginger and I found it very easy to follow. So much information and easy to go back and check parts you needed to check. The website also has so much useful information. Thanks Ginger for your wealth of knowledge.

  8. ir.per

    I can’ t say i am a beginner but this tutorial is fabulous for every level. I am glad I bought it and i will surely use it in many many projects… It is very detailed and understandable 😊. This effect technique draws all the attention and is my favourite by far!!! Thank you so much Ginger for passing us your knowledge!!! ✌️😊

  9. Ann O’Brien

    This is the first tutorial I’ve bought from Ginger. It’s terrific, so much detailed information. And what a great technique to play with.

  10. Rakhendu Rahul

    This tutorial was awesome.So easy to understand and there are tips and tricks for using different materials which you will already have on hand.Worth the money I spent and much more☺️

  11. Susan

    Great information, well presented.

  12. Diane

    I have tried this several times and every time the results are amazing! I have so many color combinations that I want to try!

  13. Jill Sharp

    A fabulous tute! The creative possibilities are endless with this. Ginger covers every aspect with detailed and clear instructions. 10/10

  14. cmbuss

    As always, a delight. I found ways to use it right away and found the instructions oh-so-clear.

  15. rdsseasons

    As with all of Ginger’s tutorials, this was clear, concise and very easy to follow. All aspects were addressed, including how to handle results you wish were different. I’ve watched it twice. Now I’ll play. Thanks Ginger!

  16. Lori

    Haven’t tried it yet, but it looks like a great tutorial. Very detailed instructions and lots of color options and helpful tips!

  17. Carol Fryer

    1st set using this technique!

  18. Carol Fryer

    I so appreciate your tutorials! They are always so detailed! I love the “tips” that are included throughout.
    I like that this Watercolor Agate gives the option of using eyeshadows! (As I have much more than I use on my eyes). Thank you for the work you put into all your work!

  19. Robin

    Ginger has done it again – what a wonderful tutorial! She is detailed in her instructions to ensure your success. She is but an email away should you have any questions or problems. I highly recommend this tutorial!

  20. Jana

    I have several of Ginger’s tutorials. Instructions are always very clear and easy to follow. Haven’t tried the Watercolor Agate one yet, but I’m anxious to try it!

  21. Wendy

    This is such an incredible tutorial, I absolutely loved it! It was very easy to follow and well written with so many helpful tips as well! Highly recommend it!

  22. Colleen Gallant

    Love this tutorial. Actually any that I have gotten from Blue Bottle Tree (Ginger) have been amazing and so much fun. Thank you for all you tips and information.

  23. Madonna

    If I could give this 10 stars, I would! I have been having so much fun over the last 3 weeks since I bought this tutorial. The tutorial was very informative and easy to read and navigate. I absolutely recommend this tutorial for anyone looking to upgrade their clay play! So many possibilities!

  24. Suzanne

    Like all of Ginger‘s tutorials, this one is well written, easily navigable and chock full of information and plenty of pictures to help along. It’s a great investment and leads to very satisfying results.
    Thank you Ginger, for another great tutorial!

  25. Jo Hunter

    I haven’t tried this technique yet, but can see that this is a thorough and well researched tutorial – thank you Ginger!

  26. Rose Cuthbertson

    Ginger’s tutorials are always so clear and well constructed. Every step is well illustrated with photos and examples. There are basic techniques, followed by a series of variations and ways in which the technique can be used, so they are well suited to beginners or the more advanced and adventurous. I have spent many happy hours with her tutorials and always feel they have still more to offer. Thank you Ginger for all the thought and effort you put into sharing your skills.

  27. Vivian

    Another fantastic tutorial! Ginger puts so much thought and information into all of her tutorials. She does all the experimentation so we can follow her directions with confidence. Excellent!

  28. inspiredeesigns

    I cannot recommend this tutorial enough! Let me start by saying that all of Ginger’s tuts are amazing. I have many of them and use her techniques often. However, this watercolor agate tutorial far exceeded my expectations. Ginger explains every step of the process in amazing detail and then gives examples for any variable that might happen! The pictures are beautiful and she notes which supplies were used in each scenario. Don’t want to use alcohol ink? Don’t have pastels? No problem! Ginger shows us so many ideas and results for coloring our pieces. There are so many possibilites and I just can’t wait to try them….right now!

  29. Paula Gallimore

    This is a wonderful tutorial. It was well worth buying and I have used it multiple times already. I tried all the different combinations suggested and all were successful.
    Thank you Ginger for a really marvellous tutorial.

  30. GracePeAn Jewelry

    Lovely tutorial. I didn’t just learn a new technique and all the many possibilities to create with it, but also a bunch of other interesting stuff.

  31. Karin A.

    It’s hard to imagine a scenario coming up that isn’t covered in this tutorial. This is the first tutorial I purchased from Ginger, but it certainly won’t be the last – the details are mind-blowing and the instructions are easy to follow. I can’t wait to try my hand at this technique!

  32. Joann M Christy

    This is my second purchase for tutorials from Ginger. This is so well-written and organized that you really can’t go wrong. I love the tips and the ability to take the project in different directions depending on what I choose to add. I’ve been having a lot of fun playing and found that using pan pastels metallics adds a nice bit of sparkle. I have also added a bit of gold leaf here and there. I can’t reccomend this highly enough!!!!

  33. Suellen Terry

    An excellent well written and detailed tutorial everything you need to know.Brilliant!

  34. Lynne M Sole

    This is a very detailed and well prepared tutorial – a lot of very useful information and very easy to follow the instructions. My transparent clay (premo) was a bit crumbly and so I [followed the steps] as recommended and that worked well to bind it all together to make the cane. The next time I [made some changes] and it worked fine. Thanks Ginger for a great tutorial.

  35. Dabick4

    This is a fabulous piece of work! For the sheer “coolness” factor of the Watercolor Agate technique, it’s worth the price of admission. I love it! So versatile with endless options to try. Everything is so clearly explained, and there’s Ginger’s usual doses of humor and encouragement to try anything, always appreciated. Thanks, Ginger!

  36. Melissa Juteau

    This is the first tutorial I have bought from The Blue Bottle Tree and it definitely won’t be my last! This tutorial was so easy to follow and FULL of information. 100% worth the money, thank you so much Ginger!!!

  37. Roxanne Parsons

    This is an incredible tutorial! Easy to follow, very detailed, with great accompanying photography. This is my weekend to rewatch and use the techniques for the first time. Can’t wait!

  38. Sue Kruse

    This tutorial was so easy to follow, both by word and illustration. I’m still trying to perfect it and will keep trying for perfect results. This is the best tutorial I have ever seen. So glad I bought it!

  39. mperezselsky

    I love this tutorial! She did such a great job making it so organized and detailed! I was so pleased to find that she covered the different mediums you could use to create this look with. Her attention to detail was thorough and although my cernit was too soft and fresh to make anything with, I’ve been able to experiment with my translucent sculpey in the meantime with similar results. Hoping I can hone this technique and get the same results everyone is has been able to achieve. I’m still struggling with some of it. But I’m very pleased with this tutorial and look forward to purchasing my next one from her!

  40. Paula Boardman

    Excellent tutorial of a lovely technique. All the information you need, clearly presented and thoroughly discussed in excellent detail. Lots of fun and beautiful results..

  41. Robin Stevens

    As usual, Ginger has done it again! I’m never disappointed in her tutes! It’s clear with lots of pictures and detailed instructions.

  42. Joy

    Watercolor Agate tutorial is very thoroughly explained in technique, tips and tricks and Ginger gives you lots of ideas to try. There is nothing left out. Very good tutorial. I would highly recommend it. Can’t wait to try this out.

  43. Chris Crossland

    Ginger has put together yet another excellent tutorial! I’m always amazed with the level of detail and discussion of every possible angle of the subject. This is a truly beautiful, well-written and presented work of art in and of itself!

  44. Kathy Anderson

    My first tutorial purchase, and I’m thrilled! I have run out of translucent clay, and ordered more. Watercolor Agate is just amazing and the instructions are clear and easy to follow ❤️

  45. Caroldotin

    As always, Ginger’s tutorial is well-written and well thought out, giving you the step by step process (and so many pictures of the process but of the finished product as well) with clear directions, including the pitfalls you might encounter. She includes so many options for personalizing your items dependent on what you have on hand in your supplies. I didn’t have to buy a thing to be able to make beautiful earrings—a bonus!

  46. caro fenice

    I love Ginger’s tutorials as they are so clear and thorough. You learn the fundamental skills and then are encouraged to explore. There is so much material plus a troubleshooting section and they represent great value for money.

  47. andrea_sda

    I have a number of Ginger’s tutorials and am always amazed by the amount of info contained in each one. Instead of spending my time experimenting and dealing with frustrating failures, Ginger goes through the pros and cons of each method used and how to fix any problems that arise, along with finishing and baking instructions. I’m looking forward to the day when the stores are able to get polymer clay back in stock so I can try more of her ideas.

  48. Kim White

    I have the crackle tutorial which i love but this one is so beautiful. I also purchased the stencil tutorial which is so popular at the moment. Your tutorials are like treasured library books and i aim to purchase all eventually

  49. Allison Vial

    Excellent materials! Can’t wait to continue building upon my skills!

  50. Donna Weigel

    Fantastic class! I would have never guessed how easy it was to create something so beautiful! The instructions were clear and made the process simple!

  51. Dimitra Kalinderis

    Brilliant tutorial!!
    So well-organized, very professional and fully detailed, it covers everything you need to know and gives answers to every question you may have. This is the 4th tutorial I’ve purchased and definitely not the last one.
    Ginger, you are the best!

  52. jmaurer40

    Very well written and easy to understand. I always learn something new to incorporate into my work from Ginger’s tutorials. She gives helpful tips along the way that really help you to get the desired results.


    The instructions are very well written and easy to follow. Enjoyed doing this project!!

  54. Marilyn

    Another brilliant and in-depth tutorial! Even for those of us who have worked with polymer clay for several years, Ginger proves (time and time again) that there is always more to learn.

  55. Katherine

    This tutorial is by far the most thought out tutorial I have ever read and the first of Gingers that I have purchased. I’ve used Gingers site for the last two years to gain knowledge about clay and I’m absolutely thrilled that this was the first one I picked. It doesn’t matter if your a beginner or if you have been working with clay for years, she breaks it down so beautifully you can’t miss anything.
    Be right back as I go and purchase every tutorial she has!


    Je voudrais savoir si les explications de ces livres sont aussi en Français. Merci

  57. Hilde bettens

    just wow !!! easy to do , great result !!

  58. barranquilla3

    Another great tutorial by Ginger. She does all the experimenting so you won’t fail on your first attemp. All is well and clearly explained and should you have any questions, she is always there to help you. She gives you a lot of tips, tricks and ideas to use this technique

  59. jennifer-3200

    Same as anything Ginger writes – thorough, professional, clear, and designed to get you as far as you possibly can before you even pick up the clay.

    Highly recommended if you want all the answers before you’ve though of the question!

  60. Sevans

    While I haven’t had a chance to use this tutorial yet, I was confident in buying it because of the quality and detail of Ginger’s other tutorials I’ve bought. I love the attention to detail, knowing all my questions will be answered!

  61. Colleen Luckey

    Very thorough tutorial! Detailed steps with troubleshooting and additional suggestions. Ginger is also super responsive to questions! Highly recommend if you’re looking to learn more about this trend.

  62. Maryann Timon

    Very detailed. Even though my first attempt didn’t quite look like Gingers, I’m inspired to try again.

  63. Maria Hussami

    This was my first tutorial and it was great! It was more than I expected, a ton of information, tips and tricks, ideas for what to do with the slab. Love it!

  64. Gloria Troli

    A very beautiful technique, easy to approach, with step by step instructions and lots of photos. I’m in love with this tutorial and I’m very interested to other ones.
    Gloria, Italy

  65. Sue Edmondson

    Very clearly and professionally produced tutorial. I have been working with polymer clay for nearly 20 years, including doing some teaching many years ago, and am enjoying getting up-to-date techniques with the tutorials provided at The Bluebottle Tree. Watercolour Agate was something I’d never tried, but have now produced some interesting pieces. I definitely recommend this course!

  66. Eliza Gilbert

    Detailed, informative, and inspiring – I feel prepared to go have some fun, exploration, and success with a new technique!

  67. Pam Holzman

    So easy to understand. Well written and full of useful tips and tricks! Can’t wait to try this out tonight!

  68. Gilladian

    This is great! Lots of detailed info, excellent photos and good step out instructions. It is an easy process, with tons of room for variation, customization, and experimentation. Well worth the investment, even for the newest clayer!

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