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Nobody has time for long, drawn out articles anymore. But we’re still hungry for juicy facts, information, and ideas. That’s why I started writing The Muse.

The Muse is a short tidbit written to inform and inspire you in your polymer clay adventures. They’re sent three times a week, waiting for you in your morning email. If you’re a fan of my other writing, you will definitely love my direct and clear approach with The Muse.

The cost to join The Muse is just $5 per month, and if you sign up for a year you’ll get a month for free.

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Each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday you’ll receive a short, focused, single-topic email. The topics covered will be tips, tricks, inspiration, creative support, musings, and more. Even if you also work in other media, you’ll still find these little essays to be interesting and inspiring.

This upgraded, premium subscription is not the same as my free monthly newsletter. I’ll still be sharing that with you, in addition to the thrice weekly musings of The Muse.

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9 reviews for The Muse – Ideas, Tips, & Info

  1. Christine Haynes

    I have only had the muse for a week. The amount of time, energy and money that The Muse has saved me in one week is already immeasurable. Like reading a little bit of your favorite Polymer Clay book three times a week. A REAL Muse!!! Thank you!

  2. Margaret Schindel

    Ginger’s tips and tutorials are always helpful and informative, and the information is always reliable. I own nearly all her tutorials, and subscribing to The Muse gives me a constant flow of new tips and inspiration in bite-size chunks. I always look forward to reading what Ginger has to say about any polymer clay-related topic!

  3. Kathleen L Lunsford

    I love the MUSE. I get quick wonderful tips right to my in box. Great food for thought and the information is so helpful. So glad I signed up for this! And what is great is that the articles complement her tutorials. If you haven’t signed up yet you should. You will be glad you did!

  4. Pam Skersick

    I really enjoy the insightful information provided. For example, Instagram was made easy by one of the recent emails. Lots of sensible observations, too! Thanks

  5. kfkoch

    I’ve been enjoying my subscription to The Muse! Her series on color blending was a special treat – I had some familiarity with Skinner blends, but Ginger knows a lot more, and she shared it! Ginger is a reliable go-to source for information relating to polymer clay. I recommend this!

  6. Kindhra

    As always, Ginger provides us with many incredible tips, really useful or even stimulating little articles, which make us think and move forward in our art and our way of seeing things. It is a new model of creative support, very interesting, which perfectly complements her wonderful tutorials and articles. I recommend it !

  7. jennifer-3200

    I look forward to every edition of The Muse, Ginger’s emails are short and sweet, but thought provoking and informative. I’m usually easily bored by regular emails – but I really can’t see that ever happening, and I’m happy to be making a small contribution to Ginger’s wonderful work that she gives freely to the claying community. Worth every penny.

  8. Marilyn

    Very useful tidbits of knowledge that you can quickly read and incorporate. Ginger has so much knowledge and I’m grateful she chooses to share it. Definitely worth the subscription price!

  9. clm738

    Subscription to The Muse is well worth the money. Ginger gives such useful information about all things clay. Always checking mail to find the next great insight from Ginger. Please keep up this great site.

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