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I believe that we should never stop learning. I learn every day. I learn about life and art, of course, and I love to learn about polymer clay. I experiment, figure stuff out, and seek out what’s new in the community. I am passionate about this and I want to share it with you.

You’ve read my long-form reviews, articles and experiments on The Blue Bottle Tree. But until now there hasn’t been a good place to share with you all the little snippets and tidbits of inspiration, ideas, and tips that will help make your creative time more enjoyable. Now there is.

Join me in The Muse, a premium email sent each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Each day’s musing will contain a single topic, easily read. You’ll learn about many subjects over time, however, and you’ll get my best advice, creative inspiration, and trusted insider info. Learn to grow your skills so you’ll spend more time making things you love (and less time wondering why something didn’t work).

The cost to join The Muse is just $5 per month, and if you sign up for a year you’ll get a month for free. I will work to keep the cost low while still covering my expenses. I’ve got so much to share with you in these musings. I can’t wait for you to join me!

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Each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday you’ll receive a short, focused, single-topic email from Ginger of The Blue Bottle Tree. The topics covered will be tips, tricks, inspiration, community news, creative support, musings, and more. Ginger started this email subscription to bring you the bits of info that aren’t quite enough for a full article, but too interesting to be missed. Join this premium subscription and enhance both your journey and your joy in creating.

This upgraded, premium subscription is not the same as my free monthly newsletter. I’ll still be sharing that with you, in addition to the thrice weekly musings of The Muse.

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2 reviews for The Muse – Ideas, Tips, & Info

  1. Marilyn

    Very useful tidbits of knowledge that you can quickly read and incorporate. Ginger has so much knowledge and I’m grateful she chooses to share it. Definitely worth the subscription price!

  2. clm738

    Subscription to The Muse is well worth the money. Ginger gives such useful information about all things clay. Always checking mail to find the next great insight from Ginger. Please keep up this great site.

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