Polymer Clay Bead Making

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Wouldn’t it be great to make your own elegant, high-quality beads to use in your polymer clay jewelry? Maximize your creative options by making just the beads you need, in the colors you want, for little cost.

Learn the secrets and tips for working neatly while making refined, modern styles of beads. Use lightweight polymer clay to recreate the beads you’ve seen in bead shops. Save money by making just the colors, shapes, and sizes that you need, while not having to buy a whole hank that just sits in your stash.

This course will introduce new makers to the basic skills necessary for making basic beads and gets you started with an array of variations that open whole new areas of exploration. Experienced makers will learn skills that help take the quality of their work to the next level.

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The course is presented online and includes 7 short videos to demonstrate techniques where hand motion is shown. An internet connection will be required to watch the videos. A downloadable PDF (77 pages) is also provided if you prefer to read the information portion in a booklet format.

There’s a special section of Bead Recipes where specific beads are illustrated, and the information is shared.

While this course is suitable for beginners, I will assume that you already know how to bake/cure your polymer clay. If you’re still struggling with that skill, you’ll also want to add my Baking and Curing Polymer Clay course to your cart.

Resources, links, and discount coupons for your favorite online shops are included.

While there are no specific tools or materials required to make beads, I provide many product suggestions and possible alternatives. Most supplies you will already have on hand!

5 reviews for Polymer Clay Bead Making

  1. MommaG

    Another in-depth course! Chock full of details, photos and videos. Nice that it can be read in a downloaded pdf to your iBooks, so the info is readily available (including links to the online version). Ginger tempted us with the 100-days of bead making … and this course is the icing on the cake. It’s now time for me to delve into my arsenal of supplies to see how I can use what I’ve learned!

  2. Jeanette Baptista

    This course includes comprehensive explanations and process videos which together cover so many aspects of bead making! I was struggling to pierce holes without distorting my beads and this course taught me how to overcome that. Wonderful instructions on various surface applications and varnishing. Very worthwhile and always from a trustworthy source. Thank you Ginger!

  3. Gilladian

    A very well-written, beautifully photographed tutorial on all the bead-making basics. Easy to follow, organized and thorough. Lots of room for the beginning bead-maker to express creativity and get successful results.

  4. Rochelle Rodier

    I have been using polymer clay in jewellery for 13 years, starting with bead making. This tutorial opened my eyes to a host of new possibilities. New shapes, new finishes, new details and bling! I love bling! I have been fiddling around the edges of using flakes, glitters and powders but Ginger has consolidated the information and inspiration I was seeking into one place. So I have gathered my supplies around me, ordered a few more and am off and running! Enjoyment and thanks galore to Ginger.

  5. Sarah Partington

    Bought this course this morning and have read half so far. I am a polymer clay jewellery maker, but relatively new to it and I have never made polymer clay beads. I had already learnt so much by the time I got to the end of the first section, I’m going to need to read it again and take notes! This course is clearly written, simple, but not patronising. It is full of helpful pictures and videos and has the option of a PDF download, which is perfect for me as I am often out of signal range and need an offline option. I can’t wait to finish the course and make a whole new beaded range of jewellery 😁 Thank you, Ginger! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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