Polymer Clay Essentials – Information for All Clayers

Polymer Clay Essentials – Information for All Clayers

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***UPDATED for 2024***  Have you ever had polymer clay questions and found that getting answers was like grabbing for straws in the dark? There is so much misinformation out there! I’ve long considered it my mission to clear away the myths and help people learn how to use the incredible medium that is polymer clay. No more mysteries here! There are lots of tutorials that tell you how to make things. This is not a book of techniques. This is a course of WHY. This course is the closest thing there is to a polymer clay textbook or reference manual.

This course is aimed at ALL clayers – from advanced beginners to experts – and for everyone who uses the material, regardless of what you like to make. Everyone will learn new things in this course! Sculptors, earring makers, fairy makers, caners, pen makers, and anyone working with polymer clay will find this course indispensable. At nearly 100 pages, it’s packed with information. Even my non-claying editorial team found this to be a fascinating read. Stop wondering about the “rules” of how polymer clay works as a material. Find out in this Polymer Clay Essentials guide.

More Information

The sections of this guide are:

  • Chemistry of Polymer Clay
  • Choosing a Clay Brand
  • Liquid Polymer Clay
  • Storing Polymer Clay
  • Tools and Supplies
  • Conditioning
  • Baking
  • Troubleshooting
  • Durability
  • Cleaning Up

What to Expect

After purchase, you’ll have instant access to the course framework. There you will find the following:

  • A link to download the PDF guide
  • Materials listing
  • Resources (including worldwide suppliers)
  • A questions and discussion section.

The guide itself is a professionally formatted PDF document that can be easily viewed on your computer, laptop, phone, or other device. My guides, courses, and tutorials include a table of contents, many tips and tricks, and a resources section giving suggestions about where to find supplies. Your purchase includes full customer support to help you enjoy your course to the fullest.

Text and images in this course are Copyright © 2023 by Ginger Davis Allman of The Blue Bottle Tree, all rights reserved. That means you can’t share this course’s PDF, teach or give it to friends, post the file or contents online, sell it, etc. However, your creations are always yours to sell, share, and enjoy as you desire. I always appreciate credit and a shout-out whenever possible. Thank you!

42 reviews for Polymer Clay Essentials – Information for All Clayers

  1. Pat Klein Gray

    Starting from zero knowledge about Polymer Clay, this tutorial was really helpful. I am so grateful to have found Ginger’s website and treasure trove of knowledge and information so generously shared!

  2. Liza

    This tutorial is such a valuable resource for someone wo is just starting out, like me. I feel like it gives me the knowledge I need to get started, avoid common pitfalls, and confidently start creating. I’m sure I will keep referring to it from time to time also. It is so good! Thanks Ginger for creating a comprehensive, easy-to-read tutorial.

  3. Bronnie

    I bought this because I’m a total beginner, but its clearly more than that: this resource will have information for everyone at every level, helped along by Gingers scientific understanding of polymer and her ability to explain it in accessible language.
    Definitely recommend

  4. Susan

    Another great tutorial by Ginger! It is jam-packed with handy tips and tricks and is a great overview and refresher on working with polymer clay. I can highly recommend it! Thank you, Ginger!

  5. jennifer-3200

    Well, well, well. I should’ve known! I bought this tutorial as part of a package, but I didn’t think there would be much in it that would be of use to me, being fairly experienced and an avid reader of Ginger’s work. HOWEVER, I was quite wrong! Yes there are lots of parts that I already knew, and did serve as an excellent refresher in places, but there was information in there that I hadn’t come across previously, and was therefore extremely useful to me! So please, don’t be fooled into thinking it won’t be worth buying when Ginger has so many other wonderful tutorials to choose from – that’s simply not the case. Also, Ginger’s writing style is as easy to understand as always, and she brings a few little grins and giggles along the way. Worth the money, for every level of clayer.

  6. Eleanor Henderson

    I am very impressed with the tutorials I have bought so far. This one in particular was perfect for me since I am a beginner in polymer clay. Ginger has a way of explaining things at a very basic level without making me feel dumb. And the part where she points out that there is no “t” in Sculpey made me laugh out loud. That’s something I would do. I come back to this tutorial multiple times when I’m working on a project.

  7. margaret macaulay

    The volume of knowledge I have access to in one place is amazing! bluebottlebree.com is the one-stop-shop website for anyone with questions about the art of polymer clay. “Polymer Clay Essentials” is chock-full of information about materials, techniques, the whys and hows to work with the medium. It’s beautifully laid out, very interesting and easy to read. As a beginner, I have the tools I need to jump in with both feet and start ‘conditioning’ my clay! I’m so glad I found Ginger and her bluebottletree!

  8. Diane Dieter

    Okay, I am a nerd with a science background, and I loved the sections on how Polymer clay works. The section on the different brands was very welcome — I have already used that information to change my plans for a major project I am diving into soon. I read it it from beginning to end in one afternoon (while football playoffs were on.) There are so many questions answered, so much helpful information, and great illustrations.
    I did print the book out (here’s my plug for the Epson Eco Tank printer — I can finally afford to print out a colorful but long book using this printer.) I consider myself an advanced beginner in poly clay, but I know I will be using this reference for years to come. I have already made use of both the ebook and the printed versions for several small projects.
    Compared to other tutorials I have, I love the format and important things like a good table of contents. The book is a nice balance between How-To and Why-To, with a side of Why-Not, and so much technical information that I have not found anywhere else.
    Thanks Ginger. My inner-nerd is doing a happy dance.

  9. Camille Ludlow

    This book is a god-send for those starting to work with polymer clay. Very well organized and because I printed the book, I stapled each chapter separately for ease of reference. There is nothing like this primer anywhere that I’m aware of and it will be a continued resource as I learn more about working with polymer clay. Thank you Ginger!
    Camille Ludlow

  10. Kim Shumate

    There’s so much information in this e-book! I’ll be referring to it again and again. It’s an essential one especially for beginners like me. It’s very professionally done but easy to understand. Thank you, Ginger, for all your effort—I truly appreciate you and am so glad I found your website and FB groups.

  11. Karen P.

    This book is Amazing! Covers a variety of topics, and gives links to further explain and or purchase items that are mentioned. It details so many topics and gives such insight. It is a book you cannot do without. Well worth the time to read and money to purchase. I can see myself looking at this time and time again. Thank you Ginger for your hard work and willingness to share your knowledge.

  12. Kathy Roach

    I feel fortunate to have stumbled onto Ginger’s books when trying to finding a sea glass tutorial. All of her books could be titled “The Art and Science of…” Yes, I bought her “Faux Glass Effects.” I was so impressed with the depth of her knowledge and comprehensive research that I then bought “Sanding and Buffing.” Though I am not a newbie to polymer clay, I now have in my collection “Polymer Clay Essentials.” My only regret is that I wish I had read it before I ever ventured into the medium. The format is user friendly, allowing you to highlight and bookmark the text. “Polymer Clay Essentials” demystifies polymer clay, and explains every question you haven’t solved through expensive and headache producing experimentation. There is no doubt that I will read and re-read it many times. Many thanks (again) Ginger!

  13. Beth Seaward

    Written very clearly, as are all of Ginger’s books. I particularly liked the section about storing sheets and canes and on conditioning clay. I will condition what I need for a project–not the entire package! I had heard that once conditioned, it stayed conditioned! New info!

  14. Mary Robert

    I’ve just started working with polymer clay, and didn’t know anything about it other than I liked what I saw when I googled the term. I found Ginger and the Blue Bottle Tree on an internet search, and I have been thrilled with all the information I found there. I purchased the Polymer Clay Essentials e-book and it has answered even more questions that came up once I actually got rolling with the clay. I highly recommend it!

  15. Frances Edwards

    The e-book, Polymer Clay Essentials is a must have, be you experienced or a newbie to polymer clay. All the questions are answered in an easy to read format with a sprinkling of Ginger to spice it up, the humour is pretty good too! I have been dabbling with clay for a few years, but now at 72, I finally have free time to dig deeper into this versatile medium. Ginger is a first class authority on all things polymer clay without predjudice toward any particular brand. 5 stars.

  16. marie Laurin

    I’m very new at trying polymer clay and needed all the information I could get. While searching on the net, I came across an article written by Ginger. I was really impressed and so I bought one of her e-books. Wow! it was great, so I bought another, then another. This one is as great as all the rest; she gives very detailed information, simple easy steps for me to follow, no fluff, just logical, concise, great tips on how to do things and how to organize your work place. Thanks Ginger for all the great tutoring.

  17. Monica Schutze

    This is a really great tutorial, if you are just starting out it is a must read! I am from a science background and when I start something new I am a voracious researcher, Ginger delivered the information I needed to get started with polymer clay. You will learn about how to condition your clay, how to bake it, what tools you will need, tips tricks and a whole bunch of other information. Ginger’s writing style ensures that reading the roughly 100 pages of this tutorial remains relevant and enjoyable throughout. One thing I have learnt is that Ginger Davis Allman is one of the go to individuals of the very large international polymer community and she is extremely generous with her knowledge. Thank you Ginger for a really good tutorial!

  18. Michelle

    I became aware of, and interested in polymer clay a few years ago. As with most things that pique my interest, I do extensive searching online to learn as much as I can about the subject. I quickly found that Ginger is THE go-to person if you want to find accurate, well researched and tested information about using polymer clay. Her Polymer Clay Essentials e-book contains a wealth of information that I’m sure I will turn to again and again along my PolyClay journey. It is professionally presented with colorful photographs. It is easy to read, understand and navigate through. I highly recommend this e-book to anyone with an interest in polymer clay.

  19. bobolinkko

    If you are new to polymer and need lots of answers to the how and how better questions of working in this polymer clay, this may be the single most valuable book you can buy. No individual projects, but I have never been a recipe follower. I prefer to learn how to work with a new medium and then make up projects . This is the perfect resource for people like me, when I begin learning a new medium. Beautiful photos. Comprehensive information.

  20. Kim white

    I purchased this essentials booklet online about 3 weeks ago and it has come in so handy to a newbie clayer. I highly recommend it because it s written in plain english, lots of photos and great info we all should know. Will be purchasingmore electronic books in the future.

  21. Marlies Möckli

    This tutorial is a must for all polymer clay enthusiasts! As in all her tutorials, Ginger explains all the basics and so much more. Her information is based on experience and knowledge and not on hearsay. The tutorial is easy to read and absolutely not boring! Only one way to know: buy it, you will not regret it!

  22. Katuma McLaughlin

    Wow Ginger! Just finished reading your tutorial ‘Polymer Clay Essentials’ I am so impressed with the information, photo’s, tips and overall quality of the tutorial, I can honestly say, that I have never seen such detailed information. All the questions I had, your tutorial answered.
    I will certainly recommend this tutorial to others.

  23. Char Morgan

    Finished the book and loved it. The book was filled with all the things that every level of polymer clay users needs to know. Love the way you went into detail about so many subjects – things that I wanted to know but didn’t take the time to research. Ginger’s knowledge of the products, how they react to other mediums, etc., was awesome. You have to read this book! Ginger’s done all the work for us! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and clarify what can be done to help the polymer clay communities continue to produce gorgeous results in our craft. So glad I ran across your website in the past and look forward to all you share with us.

  24. Christy Reveles

    As a very novice clay worker, I am finding Ginger’s “essentials” book so helpful! Her tips and advice are invaluable, and I find myself running back to her book for just in time learning and questions that I have as I embark on my polymer journey. I am so grateful for this resource!

  25. Melissa Hickson

    Phenomenal read! Packed w great info for all clayers. Thank u for compiling all this material into one place!

  26. Jackie Heron

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Comprehensive, excellent reference, details explaining what works and what doesn’t, encouragement to pursue your individual vision, superb references and extremely helpful library of posts she refers to in parts of the text combine to make this the best reference eBook available. Ginger’s personal attention to detail, follow-up, customer service and dedication to polymer clay crafting are superlative.

  27. Emma Parsons

    Excellent tutorial. Very instructive and informative. Great ideas and techniques; well written and presented. Many thanks!!

  28. Dbp315

    An absolute essential for clayers. Read through it once and then refer to it again and again. I’ve cured my baking woes by following Ginger’s advice.

  29. Jude Messner

    This is an excellent Ebook. It has a wealth of information, and provides a “go to” for any level of Clayer. Ginger presents the information in a clear and concise manner and the information flows well.
    I highly recommend this book for any Clayer who enjoys learning!

  30. Claudia Schouten-Veldhuijzen

    I am a beginner at Polymer Clay and English is not my native language. The tutorials of Ginger are very comprehensible. They cover a lot of aspects. They give me the feeling and peace that I do not have to search on the internet (and that I do not have to be overwhelmed by the information on the internet).

  31. Ginger Davis Allman

    Hola Blanca, lo siento, este eBook solo está disponible en inglés.

  32. Blanca

    Querría saber sino entiendo el inglés, solo el español, me serviría, adoro el mundo de la Arcilla Polimerica…gracias!

  33. Carol Roberts

    Polymer Clay Essentials is an e-book everyone should own! In Ginger’s unique style, all the information is provided in an easy to follow format. The technical information is explained in such a simple way. Believe me, if I can understand it, then you can too. Questions you have as to why the clay is doing or not doing…(fill in the blank), will be answered. I have been claying for a few years and now I know the reason why some things worked and some things didn’t. Having the technical knowledge in my toolbox will give me more freedom to create with more chance of getting the result I am after. Thank you Ginger, for all the time and effort you spend gathering your knowledge and for sharing it with all of us!

  34. Jeanette Kandray

    This is an excellent little e-book. I’ve been working with Polymer Clay For 20 years and still learned so much from this book.

  35. Pam

    While I thought most things about polymer were obvious my work problems told me I needed help! This book gives so much information. I’ll be using it over and over. Very well laid out. I strongly recommend it.

  36. Celeste

    Thanks Ginger, you have done it again! An excellent tutorial covering just about any question one might have on polymer clay. If you think you’ve heard it all be prepared to learn more and correct those misconceptions. I also bought the Sanding and Buffing tutorial. These two tuts have boostered my confidence immensely. Thanks again for sharing your years of research and knowledge.

  37. Judith

    Polymer Clay Essentials should be in your studio if you are serious at all about this medium! Ginger has a great way of explaining complex things. She makes it all sound simple and logical–like a duck gliding on a pond, but you know those webby feet are working like crazy under water. –Judy Paulette

  38. Julia

    This is my first book purchase from Ginger. I’m very pleased with it! It’s a great overview of the basics of working with this medium. The internet is great for looking up the answers to specific questions you might have, but this book I s great because it answers questions about polymer clay I didn’t even know to ask. It’s a terrific resource and the PDF is formatted well and is easy for me to read on my phone.

    My only minor issue is that a lot of this info can be found elsewhere on Ginger’s site, but I refuse to penalize her on the rating for being so generous with sharing her knowledge for free. And there is info in the book you probably won’t find elsewhere on her site. And besides, the info in it is compiled and organized well and is great when an internet connection isn’t available.

    Ginger is also fantastic about answering questions on her blog, if you can’t find the info you need.

    I’m sure I will refer to this book often as I get started working with polymer clay. And I am now even more interested in Ginger’s other titles!

  39. Cyndi Cogbill

    I just finished reading “Polymer Clay Essentials”. I have been working in polymer clay for years, but I found new information and had myths dissolved. The clear and succinct writing style makes it easy to read and understand. The way it is organized will also make it easy to refer to some helpful tip. I plan to use this ebook as a reference for better claying in the future. I highly recommend this eBook to anyone working in polymer clay.

  40. Phyllis

    “Polymer Clay Essentials” is filled with essentials you can rely on to avoid making mistakes. Most books give you the basics, but this is much more detailed and accurate. Written in Ginger’s clear, specific language, it even tells what can happen to polymer over time based on her many years of experience. I took many notes about things I’d wondered about, but hadn’t read about elsewhere. I like the ebook format because I can search for specific words. I’ll refer to it again and again.

  41. Donna H

    I have been ‘claying’ for about three years. It is hard to buy tutorials that aren’t about a technique but knowing Ginger Davis Allman has done so much for the polymer clay world I thought it would be a good idea. I also love gaining knowledge. This book is well written, organized nicely and very informative. I plan on reading this over several times. I was surprised to find this book answered many questions that have been sitting on the edges of my brain. If you are new to clay I recommend this book and if you have a bit of experience it will be just as fascinating.

  42. Rebecca Bierman

    Love this new e book by Ginger I have read many of her informative articles but this book is amazing! Who knew all this cool stuff about “vinyl”

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