Powders: guide to mica, pastels, metal, and dyes for polymer clay

Powders: guide to mica, pastels, metal, and dyes for polymer clay

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Pigments, pastels, chalks, powders, mica, dyes, nail powders and more. What are they? What’s the difference between them? And more importantly, how do you use them with polymer clay? This 90-page course (with 143 photos) answers all your questions about these intriguing powders and gives you the knowledge and confidence to springboard your creative explorations.

This is not a tutorial and there are no step-by-step projects. Instead, you will fully understand these powdered materials and how they are part of the art materials we all use in our process of creating with polymer clay. This course will be the catalyst for you to explore these powders as surface treatments, as embellishments, and with your other media as well. This course is perfectly suited for all levels of polymer clay enthusiasts, from motivated beginners to experts. It’s an interesting read and everyone will learn new things!

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21 reviews for Powders: guide to mica, pastels, metal, and dyes for polymer clay

  1. grneyedblonde

    I recently had the opportunity to explore a wonderful tutorial by Ginger of The Blue Bottle Tree, and I must say it exceeded my expectations. This comprehensive 90-page tutorial delves into the world of mica, pastels, metal, and dyes for polymer clay, accompanied by an impressive collection of over 140 instructive photos. The tutorial provided a wealth of knowledge, offering a deep understanding of the various powders and their applications in polymer clay projects. What truly stood out was the meticulous attention given to safety considerations, the importance of sealers, and expert guidance on product usage. Ginger’s expertise shines through, and I found myself learning more than I anticipated. This resource is an absolute gem for anyone looking to master the art of working with polymer clay powders and achieve stunning effects. Highly recommended for both beginners and experienced crafters alike.

  2. Pat Klein Gray

    So glad I found this tutorial. Now I know what to use and how to use it. Good to know environmental impacts of things too. Great job Ginger!

  3. ehopehunt

    As always with anything Ginger writes and researches, this tutorial answered my questions and gave me information I didn’t even know I needed. Buy her stuff!
    Hope Hunt

  4. Robin Benik

    What a great resource! Answered quite a few of the questions I had. Also, it was a quick read, and very well written. I highly recommend it!

  5. anna_ni

    Where to start?…I learnt everything I wanted to learn and much more. The tutorial is very informative, well-illustrated and the writing style is clear and engaging – Ginger writes in the way that makes you consume a near 100-page guide with lots of technical information in no time, just like a novel. I’ll be coming back to it again and again for all small tips that can make a big difference for a creative project. I also really appreciate the opportunity to ask questions about the material. Thank you, Ginger, for offering such a fantastic resource on the subject.

  6. Ab

    Enormous amount of information, well-organized and well-written, as are all Ginger’s books and tutorials. Highly recommended.

  7. Andrea Davis

    I recently added pan pastels to my arsenal of art materials and have been curious about the nail powders people have been talking about. I knew Ginger’s ebook would give me all the information I need. Even then I was surprised by the amount of information included and learned things about powders I already use, not to mention a few new ones that I definitely need to add to my supplies. Thank you, Ginger, for another great ebook.

  8. barranquilla3

    Un tutorial muy detallado y completo sobre las diferencias entre mica, pasteles, polvos metálicos y tintes. Ginger hace un estudio exhaustivo del tema y ensaya todos los productos. Gracias Ginger por dejármelo todo muy claro

  9. Jenny Church

    All of Ginger’s tutorials/ebooks fabulous.. I love that they are well written and so thoroughly researched. I have been working with surface techniques for some time and this ebook is positively crammed with all sorts of valuable and reliable information, wether you are a beginner or more advanced polymer clayer. It will be my go to resource for powders/mica/pastels etc.. Highly recommend need.. Thanks again Ginger..

  10. Holzk001

    Every class I’ve purchased is well researched and well written. Micas and Powders is no exception. It’s very detailed and technical, with great illustrations.

  11. jmunyon

    As always, Ginger does her thorough research on subjects that are important to me. Well written and much appreciated. Thank you!

  12. Monica Schutze

    Thank you again Ginger for another excellent and informative tutorial! This is an excellent resource on the types of powders available for use with polymer clay, the effects you can achieve, the need for sealer, safety issues and how to use the various products and much much more. This is well worth the 20 dollars to find out what works and how!

  13. Shelley Atwood

    As with everything Ginger does, this e-book was well-researched and thorough. I bought the book right after I had ordered several jars of pigment powder. I was relieved to find that the information she provided confirmed that what I ordered would do what I’d hoped it would do. I now understand how the various types of powders work and why they work that way. I appreciate saving time and money not having to test all of these things myself. I can go straight to designing and making!

  14. Jennifer Roya

    As other reviewers have said, this e book will save you a lot of heartache. I’m very new to claying so I thought pigments, mica & powders all worked the same way. I was so grateful to learn the different ways they work and adhere to the clay, as I would have made some big mistakes after working so hard. I really liked the recommendations of quality products on the market as it can be very confusing.This has given me a lot more confidence and I will keep is as a reference to help me as I learn more. Thanks Ginger, your writing is so relatable & comforting giving the average person confidence to get in a have a go.

  15. kvastis

    Good and solid information about powders. Professionally made.
    Easy to read. Thank´s!

  16. Margaret Schindel

    Do you really know all you need to about the differences between mica powders and metal powders, or pigment powders and dye powders? Each of powdered colorants has different attributes that interact and behave differently with polymer clay. And some products we use with polymer clay are a combination of these materials, (e.g., Jacquard Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments contain both powdered pigments and powdered mica), so we need to understand the collective attributes of mixed-material powders in connection with PC.

    Ginger tells us about, and how to use, the most common powdered colorants with polymer clay successfully. She explains the color shifting effects of duochrome and multichrome colors. There are loads of application tips to get various surface effects with different types of powders on raw and baked clay, as well as helpful information on mixing your own colors of mica clay so you aren’t limited by the colors available commercially. Ginger even covers the various types of nail powders that can create such fabulous effects on PC (especially black PC)! She also addresses binder, sealers, safety considerations and much, much more.

    All of Ginger’s ebooks are well worth the price, and this one is positively crammed to the gills with valuable and reliable information!

  17. Linda Smith

    The Powders tutorial is packed with wonderful information on all types of powders. Additionally, Ginger supplies many great tips for some of the powders. Excellent presentation. All her in-depth information has been well researched. Ginger never disappoints with her tutorials, they are worth every penny spent!

  18. corliss

    “Powders” saved me both time and expense. This is a well thought compendium of focused experimentation and results – Five Stars-

  19. candygrammaam

    Oh my, Ginger!! The information packed into this Powders e-book has my imagination going a mile a minute. As we all have come to rely on you for, it is full of helpful facts backed up by your thorough research. It’s presented in an easy to follow format, with plenty of pictures. Powders will be a resource you reach for time and again! I’ve read through it once. Now it’s time to revisit the sections I want to tackle first! I had an opportunity to get some of Donna Harryman’s metal powders. Her selection is unlike any I’ve seen! I can’t wait to experiment with these lovely colors. With this and so many other new ideas sparked by this e-book, when will I have time to try them all? I know! I just need more hours in the day! Ginger, thanks once again for all the time and energy you devote to keeping us all well informed! Well done, my friend!

  20. seedpod9

    I wasn’t sure what I would gain from purchasing this tutorial since I have already worked with powders on polymer clay. However it is hard to resist gaining more knowledge and supporting such a researcher and sharer as Ginger Davis Allman is to the polymer clay community. Was I surprised to not only continue my learning of pigments , dyes, etc but I also picked up a few techniques using powders that I have never tried or even thought about. If you have an interested in learning more about colorants, etc working with polymer clay this is a great tutorial to add to one’s collection. I like that it will take me time to review and go over as the days go by. It’s not a quick read by any means to totally digest and store to memory. It can be a quick read to pick up a few tips though.

  21. Jan Montarsi

    This past week I was on a quest to reproduce blue pearl Clay, it is a vital component In my color palette of Mica/pearl clays used in my work and upcoming workshop at Polymer Week in October in the Czech Republic. I leaned on Ginger Davis Allman for ideas for what type of pigments, powders, dyes ,inks and other colorants I may not even know about to achieve my goal. Luckily for me, and for all of us Ginger does her homework and we all benefit. The information she provided me with was just a fraction of the astounding amount of information included in her new 90 page E-book. Ginger demystifies and educates us on the products we use along with our polymer clay medium for inclusions, sparkle, sheen, shimmer and all other special effects. You will also find the information contained in her E-book useful for many other mediums of art you may work with. The sharing of Gingers wealth of knowledge and I’m sure of endless hours of research she has put into a “Rocket Science Made Easy” understandable format. I hope you will all support her new book. It is definitely one of those things you need and didn’t realize you needed until you got it.

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