Rustic Beads Tutorial

Rustic Beads Tutorial

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When you want your jewelry to stand out from the crowd, it’s important to use unique beads and components. Many bead stores don’t carry artisan beads, and ordering online can be expensive. Instead, you can make your own one-of-a-kind beads and components with polymer clay. In this comprehensive tutorial, I take you through every step and show you how to make textured beads and components without using expensive texture sheets and molds.

Make your Rustic Beads in any color to match the theme of your jewelry. This is a very forgiving technique that gives great results no matter what your experience level. Even if you’ve never worked with polymer clay before, now’s your chance to get started. If you can mix clay in your hands, you can succeed with this tutorial. No pasta machine or special tools are required. This is such an easy and enjoyable technique that I’ve been told it’s almost addictive. Once you start, you can’t stop making them!


More Information

The Rustic Beads tutorial is presented as a self-guided online course with an optional PDF download (40 pages). This is a beginner-level tutorial that requires no previous polymer clay experience. I don’t, however, cover the basics of working with polymer clay, so if you’re new to this material you might want to add my Polymer Clay Essentials Course to your order.

No special materials are required for this course. You likely have everything you need at home already, or you can find it at your local discount store. Plus you’ll need polymer clay, of course. It’s a great way to use up scrap clay.

Designed to complement the Organic Beads Tutorial, the shapes of this course can be colored using the methods explained in the Organic Beads Tutorial, and vice versa.

What to Expect

After purchase, you’ll have instant access to the course. There you will find the following:

  • A link to download the course in PDF if that’s your preference
  • Materials listing
  • Resources (including worldwide suppliers)
  • An example gallery
  • A forum where you can upload your photo (and see what others have created)
  • Questions and discussion section.

My courses include a table of contents, lots of tips and tricks, and a resource section for where you can find supplies. Your purchase includes full customer support to help you enjoy your course to the fullest.

Text and images in this course are Copyright © 2023 by Ginger Davis Allman, of The Blue Bottle Tree, all rights reserved. That means you can’t share this course, teach or give it to friends, post the file or contents online, or sell it, etc. However, your creations are always yours to sell, share, and enjoy as you desire. I always appreciate credit and a shout-out whenever possible. Thank you!

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photo of Ginger Davis Allman from The Blue Bottle Tree.

52 reviews for Rustic Beads Tutorial

  1. Mary Jam

    A well written and concise tutorial with lots of pics and tips included. This was my very first project with polymer clay and I’m now doing another of the rustic beads with a bit more experimenting. Fun medium to work with. Thanks Ginger. 😊

  2. Marilyn

    This is a really great tutorial, it’s easy to follow with wonderful results. I will be trying it next on some barrel shaped beads and maybe even some round ones. There would be many different effects you could get from this tutorial depending on the number of layers you do. I found it gives my beads a different look and Ginger is great to offer assistance if you need it.

  3. Susan Keefe

    This is a wonderful tutorial – chock full of great tips. I am loving this technique! Highly recommend this for beginners as well as advanced clayers. Attached is a pic of my very first attempt… Thank you, Ginger!

  4. Hilda Rodriguez

    This tutorial is a very clear and concise project which gives you everything you need to make finished pieces. So much detail, Thank you, Ginger!

  5. Cindy

    This technique is addictive! The tutorial is clear and Ginger does an amazing job sharing tips and ideas. Great for both beginner and intermediate artists.

  6. Natalie

    Like all content Ginger produces, this tutorial is chock-full of priceless information. The beads themselves are brilliant, but in my opinion the most valuable aspects are the techniques you can transfer to other projects.

  7. sally-garcia

    The Rustic Beads Tutorial contains easy-to-follow instructions and beautiful photographs. I was on pins and needles waiting for supplies. I was thrilled with my beads!

  8. Dina Kowal

    So many possibilities! Ginger’s instructions are clear and logical, giving the ‘what’ as well as the ‘why’. Her instruction is gentle and thorough. Stepped out photos are abundant and very helpful in understanding the basics of the process. The additional tips for making components are easily adaptable to other projects beyond these beads, as are the surface techniques – much appreciated!

  9. Jane Behringer

    Five stars! Enjoyed your style of teaching so much! Can’t wait to use the beads in my jewelry!

  10. margaret macaulay

    The “Rustic Beads” tutorial – as with all of Ginger’s polymer clay tutorials – is filled with beautiful and helpful photographs throughout. This lesson takes the guess work out of the process(es). Everything is laid out clearly and is easy to follow. Everything you read inspires the imagination. After this tutorial, you will have the tools and know-how to create your own beautifully crafted and authentic looking rustic beads.

  11. Mary Thiel

    I found this tutorial to be well worth the investment.
    There is a lot of information, including technical explanations, given, that broadens one’s knowledge of working with polymer clay.
    The instructions are very clearly stated and easy to follow, with lots of photos that help further demonstrate the techniques being learned. And the examples shown whet one’s creativity.
    In addition, ginger is so generous with the amount of free information she gives out that is so invaluable in learning about bead making.

  12. lorrie.ingersoll

    Great tutorial – well written, easy to follow with lots of illustrations

  13. joyce miller

    I have two tutorials, “Organic Beads” and “Rustic Beads and Components” and they contain a wealth of information.
    Also I joined The Blue Bottle Tree Group, Polymer Q & A on Facebook where you can get answers to nearly every question or problem. Thank you, Ginger.

  14. beth.bluemoon

    Everything we want in a tutorial. Written with authority and tons of clear and close photos, following this tutorial will teach you to produce rustic beads/components of beauty! In addition to straight forward instructions, Ginger also provides helpful tips. Buying this tutorial was a great investment!

  15. polina.foteva

    Let me tell you that – Ginger has amazing way of writing, no matter if it’s a tutorial or article, review or a book. Her tutorials are very clearly written, understandable and with a lot of HD pictures. The rustic Beads was the first tutorial I bought and I fell involve with it. It’s really fun and the whole tutorial boosts your imagination. It’s definitely a must to have. Also this incredible technique is so easy to achieve, that you will be surprised!

  16. Kathleen

    This is a great tutorial, easy to follow and very clear pictures. It is also a great way to use left over pieces of clay and it is easy to see all the possibilities for both texture and pieces you could make using this technique.

  17. Linda

    I love, love, love this tutorial! It is well written, and easy to follow. Wonderful techniques and ideas to carry over to your style. Very inexpensive for all the information the tutorial has. Thank you Ginger!

  18. Emma Parsons

    Excellent tutorial. Lovely designs, great techniques and ideas; well written and very informative. Thank you!!

  19. Joy

    The tutorial is very well written and very easy to follow. I find Ginger includes every detail required to complete the project. Highly recommend getting these tutorials.

  20. Jane Thomas

    This tutorial just keeps on giving. I make my own beads for handmade journals, focal, driftwood mobiles, and more. This technique is my favorite to create unique beads every time.

  21. Maureen E Randall

    Like all Blue Bottle lessons, this is very comprehensive. It is simple to use and the instructions allow you to expand on the final results.

  22. Gena Boone-Curtis

    Loved it! Nice easy instructions, great photos. My beads turned out great!

  23. Vivian Dicks

    Another great tutorial. So much info that can carry over to other projects! She never disappoints!

  24. Tania

    Ginger’s Rustic Beads Tutorial goes beyond showing you how to make a rustic bead. It is stuffed with techniques that you can easily apply to polymer clay outside the realm of beads, including distress effects and sealing pieces. The information provided for turning your pieces into wearable jewellery is invaluable, including instructions for making headpins, connectors with loops- even how to drill holes! This is more than just a tutorial for me- it is a reference guide. Worth every cent and highly reccommended.

  25. Barbara

    I enjoyed doing the Rustic Beads tutorial because I had gotten in a clay ‘slump’ and this kick started me again! As with every tutorial I have taken from her, Ginger’s instructions were ‘spot on’. I picked up some new ideas along the way also, and that’s always good These beads are very ‘forgiving’ and a lot of techniques can be used. I look forward to getting even more tutorials from Ginger.

  26. Cheryl

    Thank you. Looking forward to trying this.

  27. Carol Wilson

    As usual, this tutorial is just packed with information. I’ve started it but haven’t even gotten through it yet. I always get more than I expect with Ginger’s tutorials. Just like all of her tutorials, the techniques can be used in many different ways, beyond the projects she mentions. They are always easy to follow and detailed.

  28. Carol Roberts

    I have several of Ginger’s tutorials and they are all fabulous. She tests and researches all of her information. It is given to you in a fun, laid back way. You’ll laugh as well as learn. They are filled with lots of pictures and clear, concise instructions. And if you do have any questions, Ginger will be there to answer them for you. I will choose a dented, scuffed, dirt encrusted treasure over something new any day. Her rustic beads tut is one of my favorites. The techniques are simple, but they make a huge difference. I made a lot of beads following her instructions exactly. They came out great. Then I was looking at some pendant pieces I had lying around my table. They hadn’t come out quite how I’d wanted and I didn’t know what to do with them. I thought, what the heck, and I distressed them too. It made such a difference. They don’t even look like the same pendants. This is now my go to technique if a piece isn’t doing what I’d planned! Thanks Ginger!!

  29. Linda Bingle

    This is a terrific tutorial, well written, clear instructions, with plenty of room left for your own personal touches. I can’t stop making these (I have tons of scrap clay to use up). To be honest the beads are surprisingly time-consuming with all the layers and the baking and the polishing, but I have so much fun with these I don’t care. Whenever I can’t figure out what project to tackle next I reach for this tutorial. I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to have fun making beads and components.

  30. Diane

    Iam very happy with the tutorial lots of information and colored examples, this will be number 3 tutorial all very good.

  31. Karen Humphrey

    This is my first tutorial from Ginger, and I am very impressed! It is thorough, well-written, and nicely illustrated. I see more Blue Bottle Tree tutorials in my future! Thanks, Ginger!

  32. Katherine

    Thank you so much for such a great tut!!!

  33. Betsy

    I love Ginger’s tutorials, beautifully written and illustrated. I have a good friend who wants me to make rustic beads for her supply shop. I said “HA! I know just where to go to learn to make them!” thank you Ginger!

  34. Katrina Hultgren

    I will have to repeat what others have said about Ginger’s tutorials; they are absolutely splendid. This tutorial on rustic beads, my favorite, is packed with step by step information including pictures to help you along the way.
    Highly recommended for the beginner or someone more experienced who is looking for alternative variations in working with clay.

  35. amy hartman

    Ginger’s tutorials are absolutely wonderful. The three that I have purchased look as if they should be published in a book. Ginger uses her scientific background along with her artistic and teaching abilities, to create these wonderful tutorials. Her illustrations in the tutorials are so detailed which makes it easy for you to create your own variations that are very unique. I have reviewed aproximately 50 polymer clay tutorials over the years and keep coming back to Ginger’s as my favorites. Additionally, she has answered so many of my questions, even when they involved computer issues. Please purchase her tutorials. You will not be dissappointed!

  36. Maia

    Great tutorial. Clearly presented and wonderful explanations and pictures. Highly recommended and very inspiring.

  37. Mary

    Awesome tutorial! Clear, precise instructions, step by step instructions and pics. I totally luv rustic beads and this is the perfect tutorial! I highly recommend it!!

  38. niky

    Well written with beautiful photos, easy to follow and very inspiring what more could you want!

  39. JuLee Wolfe

    This is one of my “go to” tuts. I never get tired of it. Ginger has provided a wealth of information that can be applied to other projects as well. Very well written and easy to follow, all levels of Polymer Clay artists will learn from it.

  40. Kristin Hughes

    I leaned lots from this tutorial & had fun!!

  41. Ellen Millar

    Another great tutorial. Ginger will have you taking your polymer clay in a different direction after you see what happens in this tutorial and you will be digging out supplies that you never thought you could use. More fun and creative learning. Thanks Ginger, having a blast!

  42. Carrie Harvey

    As is the case with all of Ginger’s tutorials this one produced excellent results. They are always so well-written and illustrated they are a pleasure to use.
    Thank you, Ginger!

  43. Linda Toannon

    I think I have all of Ginger’s tutorials. I absolutely love them. There’s no second guessing all of the information is there. These tutorials take the guess work out of working with polymer clay. So if your looking to “get into your clay” take the time out to purchase at least one of Ginger’s tutorials and I bet you go back and purchase the rest.

  44. Suzanne

    I had so much fun making the beads in this tutorial. Easy to follow and would be great for all levels from newbie to experienced! Ginger’s tutorials are easy to follow and give comprehensive instructions and options for variations. Highly recommended for anyone wanting a low pressure, fail proof and above all fun to do tutorial!

  45. Shannon Wolfe

    Awesome! I’m a newbie and am loving this tute! I have 2 steps left and shall have a nice little collection of components to use in my jewelry designs. Thanks Ginger, great pics and instructions have really made my journey into polymer clay quite enjoyable

  46. craftyd

    This tutorial is very well written with lots of pictures. I had lots of fun trying all the different effects that were shown.

  47. Brandy Belmas

    This was the the first (and only so far but not for long) tutorial that I purchased from The Blue Bottle Tree. I am extremely new to polymer clay but extremely into rustic design so I gave it a whirl. This tutorial is absolutely amazing! It is so well written and unbelievably descriptive, including a number of pictures that are most helpful. I will definitely be trying out some of the other tutorials soon!!

  48. Carla

    I don’t know what to add to what the ladies above have said, but this is the first of Ginger’s tutes I ever got and I love it! there are so many great ideas here that are fun. I learned a lot from this tutorial and I get it out to get inspired and re-play with the many possibilities! Worth the money for me for sure!

  49. Heather Santos

    All of the tutorials I have purchased from Ginger have been incredibly well written. She has a curious mind and leaves no stone unturned. I often return to her tutorials just to look a little something up or to refresh my memory. I have learned so much about polymer clay from her that I can absolutely tell you that each of her tutorials are well worth the rather small price she charges! Plus, she’s always available to answer questions.

  50. Christina Butler

    I LOVE this tutorial. The photos are great and the tutorial itself is thorough and well-written. The techniques Ginger outlines in this tutorial really gave me a creative boost. I’ve applied these techniques over and over again in my work – this tutorial is well worth your money.

  51. Susan Kunze

    This is the only tutorial that I’ve purchased from Ginger, but I’ve used it with many colors of polymer, two different brands, translucent as well as opaque. I’ve added pearlescent powders, embossing powders, pulverized chalks and pastels and eye shadow. I put polymer clay handles on buttons to make them easier to use and I’ve started cutting little stamps out of flat white erasers instead of using buttons. Each time I start to use the tutorial I come up with more ideas for making these beads my own. Pretty much the sign of a good tutorial!

  52. Tammy Adams

    All of the tutorials by The Blue Bottle Tree are fabulously well-written, easy to follow, and with just the perfect amount of illustrative photos. This rustic beads tutorial is my favorite. The technique has endless possibilities to make it truly your own and it has inspired me to start making more of my own components and beads. This is a must have if you’re a fan of rustic jewelry.

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