Sanding and Buffing Polymer Clay

Sanding and Buffing Polymer Clay

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Don’t sand harder, sand better! Everyone loves a perfectly smooth, glassy finish, but it seems to be elusive. Does your polymer clay look scratched and rough after sanding? Can’t get a good shine, no matter how much you buff? Are you tired of sanded fingertips, sore shoulders, and cramped fingers? This course will change everything.

This is not a just a tutorial. It’s a comprehensive, multifacted course that examines and explores strategies you will use to make a beautiful finish. Two sanding tutorials are included. The Basic Sanding Tutorial teaches you how to get a perfect finish with materials readily available from your local hardware store. The Luxurious Sanding Tutorial takes this process further by introducing you to exceptional sanding and buffing materials that save labor and give even more fantastic results. There’s even a bonus Mica Shift Tutorial that teaches you my favorite method of creating lovely pearlescent illusion images deep within polymer clay. There’s also a special Earring Addendum that answers the specific concerns that contemporary earring makers have with the sanding and buffing process.

More Information

The Sanding and Buffing in Polymer Clay course is available both as an online course and a downloadable 127-page PDF.  You’ll learn how to prepare your project before baking, how to make sanding easier, how to modify buffing wheels for the best results, and how to seal and varnish your work. There’s a special Earrings Addendum covering the most common questions that earring makers ask about sanding. You’ll enjoy the Troubleshooting section, too, dealing with common sanding problems and addressing common sanding myths. A full resource section includes sources provided for products and materials introduced in the course.

What to Expect

After purchase, you’ll have instant access to the class. There you will find the following:
  • A link to download a PDF of the course, if you prefer that format
  • Materials listing
  • Resources (including worldwide suppliers)
  • An example gallery
  • A forum where you can upload your photo (and see what others have created)
  • A questions and discussion section.
Your purchase includes full customer support to help you enjoy your tutorial to the fullest. Text and images in this course are Copyright © 2023 by Ginger Davis Allman, of The Blue Bottle Tree, all rights reserved. That means you can’t share this course, teach or give it to friends, post the file or contents online, or sell it, etc. However, your creations are always yours to sell, share, and enjoy as you desire. I always appreciate credit and a shout-out whenever possible. Thank you!

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photo of Ginger Davis Allman from The Blue Bottle Tree.

95 reviews for Sanding and Buffing Polymer Clay

  1. Marie Descent

    I am relatively new to polymer clay and am addicted to making bowls. However, I just couldn’t get into the whole sanding thing as I just hated it. I didn’t like the way my pieces looked afterwards and certainly didn’t like the amount of work required. I loathed the whole process, so I didn’t do it. Well…… Didn’t I just find out that I wasn’t doing it correctly in the first place. I wasn’t using the right tools or methods. This tutorial put everything to rights. I now enjoy the process of sanding – now that I know how to do it smarter, not harder – and I love the results. This course is worth its weight in gold…. or clay?

  2. Rebecca Andrew

    I thoroughly enjoyed your tutorial. I read (and re-read some)all topics. I tried a number of the techniques on the mica shift piece I was working on. I went to the resources section and ordered a number of the suggested tools that I needed to improve my finishing. I heartily recommend this tutorial for everyone working with polymer clay. It can only help to raise your level of proficiency.
    The sections are well written and held my interest. I was able to understand what was being discussed.
    I’ve referred back to this tutorial a number of times since completing it.
    Thank you
    Becky Andrew

  3. Emerie Anonical

    I have this course and it is truly life
    changing and has probably saved me
    $1000 of trial and error with tools!!

  4. Yasmin Cameron

    Great tutorial.
    I bought this over holidays when I had time to practice. My earrings now look “polished” and neat. Lots of information and worth the price.

  5. Pat

    Very informative and helpful! Highly recommend purchasing.

  6. Traci Pimentel

    Wow! So much amazing information here, and more. This tutorial covers so many things and it was amazing to see and read about the tricks and trades of sanding and buffing. There are also photos to see, so you can compare pieces in different states of the sanding and buffing. So much information, that I’m so grateful I found Ginger’s website. I’m very eager and excited to purchase and start my next tutorial. Thank you so much, Ginger!

  7. Susan

    Worth every cent! The difference in my sanded and buffed finished pieces is incredible.!

  8. Sarah Bunyard

    If only I had found Ginger’s tutorials sooner, I could have saved myself a lot of effort. The breadth of the material she covers astounds me!

  9. judithwinshel

    I have not used it to its fullest extent yet due to being sidelined by the Insiders color studies this month. I have printed it out and added to my Ginger encyclopedic sized note book (0ne ream and it is full, I need to start volume 2) I did refer to the mica shift tut in it as I experiment with Cernit pearl. That along with your instructions on sticky Cernit resolved all those problems. I will use the Sanding and Buffing hints today on my piece of Cernit black pearl after I sit on it, mica shift and cure it. Many thank for another excellent tutorial. Judith

  10. Karen H. Calhoun

    Very helpful details. So often tutorials say: final step: Sand and Buff. But if you don’t know HOW to do this, it remains mysterious. This tutorial is de-mystifying!

  11. Debra Bernier

    Wow, talk about a wealth of information! This tutorial contains everything you need to know about sanding and buffing polymer clay. It’s very well organized, clear and understandable. It’s the kind of tutorial that you’ll want to keep handy and refer back to it often since there’s no way to memorize all that info!

  12. Cinta

    Very good tutorial !! Although I have been working with polymer clay for a long time, I have learned a lot of new things. Thanks Ginger!!

  13. susana martinez

    Amazing tutorial and great amount of external links to know more and get some materials.
    I’m thankful for the great effort Ginger put on making it.

  14. Carole Williams

    This is the best by far tutorial regarding sanding and buffing. I just couldn’t get a shine before and this tutorial shown me everything I needed to do and hey presto! I was so excited that it worked perfectly. Thank you for sharing your experience to help others. Invaluable course.

  15. Gina

    Wonderful tutorial. It really takes the guesswork out of sanding and finishing and I no longer have those “where did I go wrong” moments in my end process. The writing and format of the tutorial is admirable- very comprehensive and logically progressive.

  16. Kris

    Excellent tutorial (as usual). Great information that is easy to understand. I have been apprehensive about sanding/buffing because I didn’t want to risk ruining my piece. This tutorial gave me some confidence to give it a try. Ginger, you are awesome.

  17. mimi shulman

    I found this tutorial really informative with tips that I would never have found otherwise. I look forward to viewing more of the tutorials offered. Well worth the money.

  18. Elsa

    Amazing tutorial! Whether you’re a beginner or professional, there is something to learn from this tutorial. I have used sanding and buffing quite a lot before but now is the first time I’m really sure what I’m doing and sanding takes less time than ever! Thanks Ginger!

  19. Allison Vial

    Wow! I wish I would’ve purchased this long ago! So many great tips and tricks! Can’t wait to hone my skills with all of this great info!

  20. margherita.allan

    brilliant information. Well set out and easy to ready. Working with the info the results are lovely. I’ll be buying more of Gingers tutorials. And thank you for the instant update.

  21. algemyone

    The improvement to my work after doing this tutorial was amazing. Looks much more professional. A brilliant and useful tutorial.

  22. Cyndi Cogbill

    This my favorite of all of Ginger’s tutorials. I refer to it again and again. I finish the surface of my clay projects so much better and easier. Thank you for continuing in the detailed, but easy to understand style that you write.

  23. Candy Richmond

    I have struggled with sanding and dreaded it but this tutorial was so helpful and I really enjoyed it. It gave some great tips to make it easier

  24. julie.andrew

    Excellent! Before this course, I read and watched all I could find and was sure I knew how to sand and buff. Nope. I learned so much, specific techniques and products, that have made a huge difference in my work.

  25. Jill Sharp

    A brilliant tutorial by Ginger of The Blue Bottle on Sanding, buffing and finishing in general. These important skills can transform a mediocre piece into a professional work of art. I would never go back after learning to love the fine finishing and attention to detail. Also Ginger is one of the most widely known and respected polymer clay artists in the community.

  26. Emma

    This tutorial has been so helpful for me! No more worn down finger tips for this maker!
    This tutorial covers everything you could ever wish to know about sanding and buffing polymer clay, in really easy-to-understand language and format.
    100% worth the investment.

  27. Holly Vlasak

    This tutorial is so worth it!!! It’s super easy to understand, includes visuals and is SUCH a game changer for quality sanding and buffing. It’s the piece I’ve been striving for and this did just the trick!

  28. Petra Slay

    Wonderful tutorial about sanding and buffing. No details spared. It tells you all you need to know and some.

  29. Sarah Karlson

    I am only on Page 3 and I am already loving the book. I rarely leave reviews for anything and certainly not before evaluating the entire product. But even from the first few pages, Ginger’s commitment to clear, expert advice and high production value are evident. I know she will deliver on what she promises for the book!

  30. Deborah Galey

    The best thing I ever did is to buy this tutorial. I never could get that smooth shining look. Well, I do now since I know how to sand correctly and what are the best materials to buy. Well worth the money

  31. Stacey

    Great tutorial! Easy to follow and adjust what I was doing before to get better results. Lots of detail!

  32. Donna Barnes

    I’m so glad I bought this tutorial. I finally learned what I was doing wrong, (well, actually more than one thing wrong). I was mixing up the types of sanding paper without a clear guide to the size of the grits. You can’t go just by the numbers! Thank you Ginger.

  33. Sandy Oma

    Wonderful class. It has saved me from going nuts on sanding and polishing. I learned what I was doing wrong and “wow” what a difference in the final finish. Ginger, thank you so much for your expertise. On to my next tut from you. Yeah!!!

  34. Barbara Warren

    This is an excellent “how to” book. I’ve read lots of polymer clay books, and most give you an overview and maybe a few brief tutorials. Ginger gives very detailed information about how to get excellent results with your sanding and buffing. I haven’t “graduated” to buffing yet, but I am very happy with the improvements in my sanding. I am so happy with the results that I may not need to go beyond to buffing. Highly recommended!

  35. Monica Burnette

    Ginger explains everything so well. This should be required reading for every polymer clay artist! Highly recommend.

  36. Maria Teresa Capobianchi

    I finally understood what I’ve doing wrong. It’s so clear after reading the tutorial that I have to be careful and not be in a hurry to finalize the piece.
    I’m a beginner and this tutorial helped a lot… thanks

  37. Kim Shumate

    I learned so very much! I finally was able to sand and buff a piece to a quite satisfying sheen. I highly recommend Ginger’s ebooks. They’re professionally done yet easy to follow and understand. She is relentlessly thorough in her research and then shares it with us! Thank you, Ginger!

  38. Maureen Randall

    This a clear and comprehensive explanation of the purpose of sanding and buffing. Ginger explained the process in such a way that I now happily spend the time cleaning up my pieces prior to baking and in the first level of sanding. I have immediately seen a huge difference in my pieces and I have not even started using her “luxurious” method yet. Well worth it.

  39. Ellen

    I read this e-Book as soon as I ordered it. I’d read all I could get my hands on and watched many uTube videos to figure out how to go about sanding my poly clay properly but wasn’t finding what I was looking for until now. The mica shift was it! I’d had a book about 11 or so years that showed that process vaguely and lost the book in a move so I’ve been looking for something to explain this process since then. Thank you so much! I love the way it is written, the way you explain each step and how it is going to turn out. Everyone who works in polymer clay needs this e-Book!

  40. Paula

    This was so helpful, especially since I am new to this jewelry medium. Thank you so much for all the wonderful information! I appreciated all of the ideas provided – so many I would have never thought of in a million years. My wipe out tool and baby suction cups came in today, so I am excited to get back to playing and trying them out!

  41. Melissa

    I only bought the book to support Ginger, as a way of paying back for her free content. I was quite surprised when I discovered there was a lot I didn’t know already, and some things that have definitely improved my finishing skills.

    If you were hesitating to buy it because you said to yourself “I already know this stuff…” consider giving it a go. Worst case you’ve supported the best polymer clay website. Best case, you learned something.

  42. Cheryl Dixon

    I have been using the tips and tricks in this tutorial and it has removed my sanding and buffing woes! Thank you for clearing up all the misinformation I have received in the past.

  43. Bronwen Cleary

    I have bought quite a lot of tutorials, and this one, hands down, has been the biggest game-changer. I had wasted a lot of money and time trying various methods to improve my sanding success. Now I kick myself for not buying this sooner! I highly recommend this one.

  44. Andrea

    The sanding and buffing tutorial is another prime example of technical information meets inspiration. Presented in the usual easy to navigate and read format, I was not disappointed. I feel confidant I am now set up for a less frustrating encounter with sanding and buffing. Ginger’s tutorials are always full of valuable technical information, personal quips and amazing resources, this one is no different.

    The chart with all the sandpaper grits/size, etc. equivalents by itself was something I was very excited to see. I appreciate the in-depth explanation about the different sandpaper, grits, uses, etc. This is valuable because when you are looking for one thing and your local resources only have another- it’s nice to be able to extrapolate what will sub, what won’t, when to turn to online resources (which are also conveniently included). I get all that info and a tutorial for a technique to put it all to use. Amazing!

    Aside from the stellar tutorials, the website interface is so easy to navigate and find your files, easy to download to whatever new device you may acquire over the years. Well rounded indeed.

  45. Sharon L

    I am fairly new to working with polymer clay, and this was the piece that was missing. I am so happy I found this resource. It will be a constance source of information and well worth every penny! Thank you.

  46. Henry Aschner

    I’ve tried many different products and techniques for sanding and buffing a finished piece, e.g., sandpaper, wet/dry, sanding sponges, sanding screen, micromesh, etc., but still wasn’t happy with the results I was getting. Sometimes it was close to what I was looking for, sometimes it seemed to get worse the more I worked on it. I’ve experimented with this for quite some time and it was starting to drive me batty. Then I came across Ginger Davis Allman’s knowledge series ~ Buffing and Sanding Polymer Clay. This is a very informative ebook! I certainly wanted to know how to achieve the results I was looking for, but I also wanted to understand why my other techniques weren’t working as well. I read Ginger’s book several times and now have a good understanding of how I was sabotaging myself, being my own worst enemy. I also learned of some other products available to simplify the process. So, I created a game-plan that I thought would work best for me, purchased some of these new products mentioned to complement what I was already doing/using and followed the guide and techniques illustrated in the ebook. Wow! I finally achieved what I was looking for. And it will be less time and less steps to achieve it. If you aren’t quite achieving the results you are looking for and want a better understanding on the process, not just the how but the why, then this ebook is a must in your library. Thanks Ginger!

  47. Lesley Magaril DeLia

    Thank you Ginger. This book is SO YOU. Clear, concise, and full of common sense! I have adopted many of your recommendations already and I already see a huge improvement in my work. Most important, it really hit home on how important proper finishing can be to making the finished product more professional..I am a fan…so whats next?

  48. Nonie Connor

    A great book. Ginger’s tutorials are always excellent and this one is no exception. Should be in every clayer’s arsenal.
    Thank you Ginger!

  49. Judy Youssef

    What a great tutorial this is with many really clear photos! My fingers thank Ginger for allowing me to skip most of the zillion grades of sandpaper that I previously used and also for the many useful tips to be found here. Unlike many other tutorials – both free and purchased – Ginger doesn’t bulk it out by repeating stuff. Every part is useful. If you’re just starting out on your polymer clay journey or whether like me you’ve been claying for years, this is a gem you’ll want to keep referring back to. Also as someone who has a “what would happen if…” kind of mind, I’ve learned to check out The Bluebottle Tree first before I spend precious hours with nothing to show for it except some sorry-looking bits of clay that get consigned to The Drawer of Shame!

  50. Michelle M. Kline

    I’m so glad I purchased this ebook. I have been making a sanding mistake for years, and didn’t realize it! The things I learned about sanding and buffing in Ginger’s easy-to-follow ebook are not only going to help me get the well-polished look I’d like to achieve with some of my polymer clay pieces, but will also save me time in the future.

  51. Gwen J. Brewer

    I can’t believe that Ginger’s Sanding and Buffing ebook is such a pleasure to read. I have read it a few times and I will continue to read it again and again. It made me aware of my production enemies. I also thought that the glasslike finish was way out of reach for me. It is now a goal that I am achieving on a continuum. I see gradual improvements in my work. The book has tips for both before and after baking the product. I never knew that there were several techniques to use for corrections after baking. What really has me happy is being aware of many techniques to use before baking which will make the finishing process so much easier.
    Ginger has also included links for the recommended tools and techniques. I bought the ABRANET sanding kit from Poly Clay Play. When this ones wears out, I will be glad to replenish. I love this sanding kit. I will try to add a video to Facebook. Thanks Ginger!

  52. bobolinkko

    I’m brand new to clay, but have been a craftperson and artist for over 40 years. I bought 2 of Ginger’s tutorials when she ran her birthday sale. I bought this one and the Essentials. I am beyond impressed. The kind of information and tips that it could take many classes to acquire. Clear, comprehensive and generous these are a bargain, I feel far more prepared to work with my new favorite jewelry medium. I am choosing my next one or two right now.

  53. ALGoldin

    I waited quite a while before buying ANY tutorials, as I wanted to “figure it out myself” if at all possible. But now that I have purchased this one (and read it cover to cover) I am SO IMPRESSED as always with the clarity and quality of Ginger’s writing and teaching. I more than got my money’s worth here and I can’t wait to start buffing!

  54. Marlies

    This tutorial is a must for all polymer clay enthusiasts! Ginger explains all the basics and so much more. The tutorial is easy to read and absolutely not boring! Only one was to know: buy it, you will not regret it!

  55. Deborah Smith

    Debbie S – This is a fantastic tutorial on sanding and buffing. I am just starting with polymer clay and I tend to read as much as I can before I even start and Ginger has had the clearest and most detailed tutorial of any I have run across. I plan on eventually getting all her tutorials but in the meantime going ahead and start playing more with my clay and taking chances!

  56. Kim

    This is the best tutorial about sanding and buffing I have come across. It tells you all you need to know.

  57. Kathy Roach

    It’s difficult to not just parrot the previous reviews which are all spot on. I encourage everyone to get this ebook on sanding and buffing and any of Ginger’s ebooks. Her presentation is casually science based without being dry. I appreciate her desire to tell us “why” not just “how”. The information in this ebook will immediately improve your understanding of finishing techniques and raise the level of your work. This is a book you will refer back to many many times. Enjoy!

  58. Stephanie Alacon

    An in-depth guide to sanding and buffing your polymer clay pieces. As we all know, finish can be make or break on a sale. Ginger is so incredibly helpful and kind, I couldn’t help but recommend her material to all!

  59. Linda Rossiter

    Highly recommended …. by far the clearest set of information I’ve found since i started using polymer clay. No one-week wonder
    – it’s an in-depth book that you’ll read, read again, then refer to for ever more 🙂

  60. Emma Parsons

    Excellent tutorial. Very instructive and informative. Great ideas and techniques; well written and presented. Many thanks!!

  61. Leslie

    This book has been, hands down, one of the best investments that I’ve on my polymer clay journey! Ginger covers all the bases in this thorough step by step guide. Clearly written, vibrant photos, and the information contained within it will answer any questions you may have on how to send and buff your polymer clay pieces. You can’t go wrong with this purchase! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

  62. Patricia Black-Gould

    Love this tutorial. As much as I hate sanding, this book helps a lot!

  63. Phyllis

    This tutorial is a must-have. If you want a beautiful finish on your polymer clay, Ginger’s experience and in-depth advice will help you to avoid much frustration. I’ve been sanding and buffing for a while and learned several things that will save me time.

  64. Sue Baldwin

    I had no idea this would be as complete as it is, just worth every penny and I haven’t even finished reading it! Its an encyclopedia of buffing and sanding. Just so many things I never thought about doing & techniques that make so much sense and make it easier. Ginger has done her homework and the teacher gave her an A !!

  65. Deborah Rice

    Such clear, concise, comprehensive information! It’s always excellent Ginger! You answered so many questions that I didn’t even know I had. lol I ordered your favorite buffing wheel and definitely love it. The section on mica shift variations will add so much to my work, and it will shine. 🙂 Thanks and thanks again Ginger. You’re the best!

  66. Claudia Comstock

    Absolutely excellent tutorial on sanding & buffing, Ginger! You take the mystery & frustration out of this otherwise dreaded step to the finishing of polymer clay, with facts & fiction, as well as helpful hints here & there, all of which are invaluable, tried & true, methods, tidbits, & little secrets to achieving that perfect finish to a polymer clay piece. I highly recommend this tutorial!

  67. Larraine

    Very comprehensive, covered far more then I expected. very easy to follow and I find myself referring back to this wonderful, valuable information. Thank you Ginger

  68. DonnaMarie

    For the last three years, I’ve been perfecting my claying techniques. I’m now satisfied with the outcome and feel confident in my work, except for one thing. I was never pleased with the overall finished look of my polymer clay pieces.

    I watched the videos, read the articles, tried wet/dry sanding & buffing. With all the work it took in these steps. The little outcome it provided me, I decided I would use PMY II or Varathane as a finish to all my work. But I was only fooling myself. I’m such a perfectionist and since I plan on a future business selling my work, I had to take it a step further and understand more about the finishing processes.

    I knew there would only be one place to find all the information, I was right. I ordered Ginger’s Sanding & Buffing e-book, and the moment I looked at the table of contents, I was amazed at the detailed content. My mouth dropped open! I had never seen a tutorial even come close to the high quality you have provided. I read every word. Understanding now I know the-how-what-why each technique works and whats best for me to use.

    I had some of the tools and items needed, so I began with the basic technique. I’m amazed that I got this result on my first attempt. I had items for the luxurious technique and this just took everything a step further. In fact, I can’t stop rubbing the beads against my face, they are so silky smooth. 

    My sanding and buffing problems have now been solved. With a little practice, I will be a step further. Many thanks to you and all the work you do, the research, fact-finding and especially helping the polymer clayers with everything you do. Thank you, Ginger, for expanding my knowledge and helping me in my polymer clay journey.

  69. Megan

    Excellent in depth tutorial. You may think you know how to sand, but this ebook gives hints on techniques and materials that you may not have thought of. I also appreciate the testing that has been done to provide quality information.

  70. kyriaki

    Thank you Ginger for sharing your knowledge with us !!!! Every time I decided to deal with polymer clay, I was disappointed. But now everything is clear. Well done Ginger, you are the best teacher!.

  71. Donna

    Although I’ve been a decorative painter for decades, I’m new to polymer clay, so I’m extremely grateful to have found The Blue Bottle Tree. I learned so much from this eBook that I let go of my fear of failure and have jumped right in with both feet! Ginger is an incredibly talented artist and fabulous teacher. I’m so pleased with my progress and can hardly wait to get more techniques under my belt. Thanks, Ginger, for sharing your knowledge with us!!

  72. Sree

    Great tutorial.. I never expected that I can learn more than what I knew already about sanding/buffing until I read thru the pdf. I am not an expert, but I thought there is nothing more to know specifically about sanding/buffing polymer clay other than already available tutorials on internet. But I was wrong. I am yet to apply the tips from the tutorial on my projects as I don’t get to clay more often.. managing my full time job and little kids. But I have decided to spend at least a couple of hours a week for my passion as well and so i am hoping to create more. I will definitely follow those most valuable tips from Ginger. I must admit that her customer assistance should be very much appreciated. I had a few questions about tumbling and she responded to all my questions which really helped me. Thanks a bunch Ginger.. You rock!!

  73. Julia

    This book is an incredible resource. On the advice of Ginger’s book I bought myself a variable-speed Dremel and other materials, and followed her detailed instructions. I’m very, very pleased with the results. I didn’t want to review the book until I got to try out some of her methods — I can’t recommend this book enough! This book is thorough, with plenty of informative photos. Ginger not only explains how to sand and buff, but exactly what materials to use and how to complete these steps with minimal effort and maximal efficacy.

    Thanks, Ginger! Because of you I can get a beautiful shiny finish on my polymer clay projects without spending years to figure out how to achieve this result. You’ve done all the hard work for us, and this book is worth every penny!

  74. Pam

    This is the first time I have bought a tutorial. I am so impressed. The content and pictures are brilliant. I will definitely be buying more. I would highly recommend this.

  75. Carrie Hoch

    When it first came out, I had purchased Ginger’s book on sanding and buffing.

    Today, I found some of the products (locally even!) that she had recommends in there for sanding, and OH MY GOD it’s a complete game-changer!!
    This stuff is amazing, and the tips for using it were perfect.
    I’ve been pressing too hard while sanding polymer (I’m too used to wood working), and today after finding my little treasures, I tried softening how hard I press.
    Sort of “petted” instead of “sanding”
    Or remember when you were early teens, and your parents had you do the dishes, but really, you just sorta ran the washcloth over the plate with as little effort as you humanly could?
    Like that.
    I cant stop petting my lentil bead now! It went from being a “Meh I could toss it” pieces because of the imperfections and the doming issue, to now one of my favourites.
    The sanding sorta revealed a whole new level of “ooohhh” to it, and I WILL post pictures later.
    Even better!?
    MY HANDS! They dont feel like I’ve sanded them (what a concept I know)
    Of course there’s going to be Sander To Skin contact… I’m just too negligent for there not to be, but there’s no rough spots or redness or stinging. I’m QUITE happy about that lol
    Next up is to utilise some of those pointers in her buffing section to get my glass-like finish.
    She touches on a whole BUNCH of sanding products and techniques in her Sanding chapter, and in her Buffing chapter she’s given examples of commonly used products that work (and utterly fail – guess which ones I own), in addition to how to make new little toys to get around these. She touches on the use of buffing polish with wheels, and other products to and not to use.
    Really this book is a whole ton more than “how to wet-sand”. She touches on so much more than just wet sanding or dry sanding or anything that could ever be covered by a little youtube video.
    If you haven’t picked up this book, you really should. I’ve developed a lot of bad habits and assumptions about sanding over the years, and this was a really fantastic wake-up call on a number of things.

  76. Caroline

    Ginger’s tutorials are the best I have ever bought, I’m totally fond of them and I bought all of them..
    They are so precise, detailed and comprehensive.
    I warmly recommend these tutorials !!!

  77. Pamela

    Well, I have to say I a very impressed with this book. I seriously wondered why a book was needed for something so seemingly simple, but now I get it. I am just amazed at how much better and more professional looking my clay pieces are now. And I’m not even finished with them! I still get to buff them but want to wait until morning and the better light to see with. Wow, I can hardly wait to see how they look then, but to be honest, I would be very thrilled with them just the way they are now. This has definitely brought my brought my work to a whole new level and I think I may be just about ready to start selling some projects on Etsy or some such. I have been hesitant to do that because I am still fairly new to the clay and don’t want to look like an amateur. Something has been missing from my stuff and now I know it was the finishing. Well, that and other problems, like consistency, etc. But my point is, this book is a must have for anyone that plays with the clay, I’ve learned a lot more than just how to hold sandpaper properly or what paper is best. I learned things I didn’t even know I needed but now won’t go without. By the way, I LOVE that Abranet mesh, it’s the Bees Knees for sanding and although its a little spendy, it is well worth it and I bet in the long run, the quality will more than make up for the extra cents spent. This is a well thought out, researched and hand- tested book and I know I will use it often. I especially love all the options you give for each product as well as where to buy it for the best price, saving me a lot of searching. And I went with the stuff you said were your favorites, and I’m not disappointed. Well done Ginger, you write a very easy to understand, yet thorough text and I give it five stars only because there weren’t 20. 🙂 Pam Lame (A very satisfied customer)

  78. Vivian

    What a terrific compendium of information! So much research done for us…. Thanks for another wonderful work, looking forward to trying this out!

  79. Mary Jane

    I have been designing and handcrafting jewelry for a while now using crystals, chains, and other ‘found’ materials. I have recently begun playing with polymer clay and I just love it. this e-book is loaded with great information. Thank you.

  80. Tali Brown

    Absolutely fantastic tutorial, so clear and detailed and loads of information to help you get that amazing finish! Very much worth buying!

  81. Carol Roberts

    What a FANTASTIC tutorial, Ginger! It is packed with so much information, you will find yourself referring back to it again and again.

    I didn’t realize how much more difficult and time consuming I was making sanding until I found out how to do it correctly. And let me tell you how much I love the products Ginger recommends. They really do make a tremendous difference in the final results. I’m sure I never would have found them on my own, but now I couldn’t live without them.

    If you are new to polymer clay, you should definitely get this tutorial. You will learn the right way from the beginning. For those with experience, you need this in your library too. Ginger’s information is so in-depth, you will learn things no matter how long you’ve been claying.

    The price is extremely reasonable for all that you get. Such a bargain for all the time and effort that went into this.

    Thanks Ginger for another great tutorial!

  82. Dixie Ann Scott

    Ginger takes us through everything we need to know on sanding, polishing, buffing, supplies needed and lots of tips in this well written Ebook. Although I have been sanding and using the JoolTool for a long time, there were still some things I learned about sanding and the supplies she prefers to use. You can always teach an old dog new tricks and I for one did learn some. Because she backs everything up with research and testing you can pretty much rely on the information she gathers for her ebooks and tutorials to be 100% accurate. I certainly recommend this one to be a staple in your PC library and for what you get the cost is very reasonable.

  83. Christine

    More information than I could have imagined! As usual, a really comprehensive piece of work. Ginger is so generous in sharing all of her findings, and very thorough in exploring and researching. This is a great value, considerately including ordering links for esoteric supplies. Thanks for this resource!

  84. Suzanne

    Another of Ginger’s great tutorials! It is very comprehensive and what i really appreciate is, that she includes not just US, but also European standards. I love the mica tutorial in the end! However, i might be old fashioned, since this is quite a large tutorial, i would have almost liked it better in a book format, so flipping back and forth would be a bit easier. However, i am a book worm….
    Thank you once again for this wonderful and insigntdul tutorial!

  85. Enid

    An excellent guide to achieving the optimum shine on clay! It is clear to follow, and the photos enhance and clarify the instructions. The information about materials to use was particularly helpful.

  86. Gillian

    This is a marvelous book. The writing and photos are clear and thorough. I’ve been claying for many years, but I still learned a lot. I’ll be purchasing some new supplies, soon! Thanks for all your hard work on this and all your other projects, Ginger.

  87. Beth Stubbs

    This was a great book! The information answered questions I have been researching, unsuccessfully, for years!

  88. Dee Janssen

    Answers all my questions about finishing pieces, something that isn’t always in the other books I have on polymer clay. Definitely a must read for anyone working in this medium!

  89. Bruce

    Excellent tutorial. The information and details are well explained. I really liked the suggested products to use.

    I highly recommend to anyone wanting to get great results sanding and polishing their polymer clay products.

    Thanks, Ginger

  90. Melody

    Ginger has done it once again! She doesn’t just tell you how to sand-she tells you why you would want to! She doesn’t promise it will be fun (it isn’t), but she does promise to teach you how to do it more efficiently. And totally delivers on that promise. Thanks, Ginger.

  91. Celeste

    As a baby my first word was “why”. To this day I need to know why and Ginger gives you all the answers in her tutorials. It’s easy to tell someone what to do, but why it works and how you get there is Ginger’s forte. More than anyone else I look forward to Ginger’s monthly newsletters and absorb every word. Have a happy vacation Ginger.

  92. Jo Roseborough

    Everything you could ever want to know about sanding and buffing polymer in one easy to follow tutorial. Ginger is an excellent teacher and so thorough, you won’t need any other reference on this subject. Thank you Ginger.

  93. Vickie Stewart

    Ginger has done it again. I bought this mammoth-sized tutorial without knowing anything about it, just that Ginger wrote it and it went on sale that morning. That was all I needed to know. The polymer clay community is blessed beyond measure that Ginger is as competent a scientist as she is an artist. As expected, this 100-plus guide is packed full of tips, instructions, product guides and just plain genius explanations concerning finishing any possible clay piece you could ever imagine, from journal covers to beads. Sanding and finishing was a complete nightmare for me, and I wish Ginger had written this a few years ago… however, even the most experienced PC artists will find useful information in this tutorial. WELL worth the money, and in my opinion, she could have charged double (or more) and I would have still bought it. You will NOT have any questions about finishing your work after reading this, and I’ve already changed a few things I do, too, much to my benefit. Thanks, Ginger!!!

  94. Margaret

    Brilliantly comprehensive and clear, with an enormous range of content. Meticulously clear comparisons and illustrations. Awesome amount of work and experience condensed into a very readable publication. One of those books you know you will refer back to again and again. Well worth the investment.

  95. Sherri Sneed

    Just finished reading the tutorial and it is one of the most comprehensive guides/ebooks that I’ve seen on this subject. Every type of sanding and buffing method is discussed in detail. Thus, I recommend it for newbies and advanced polymer clay artists. In addition, there is even a section on mica shift which was quite nice. Ginger has definitely outdone herself with this one.

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