Space Rocks Tutorial

Space Rocks Tutorial

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This Space Rocks Tutorial is a simple project that is perfect for beginners. You’ll learn several types of rock matrix and shaping processes that were designed to simulate moon rocks. You can even make cosmic glowing space rocks! Use the basic processes shown in this tutorial (with colors of your choice) to make rocks and pebbles for your fairy houses, dioramas, outdoor gardens, and potted plants.

Originally published in Christi Friesen’s Creative Neighborhood as the October 2016 guest project, this project is now available for clayers everywhere to purchase.

Even though this tutorial is small, at only 20 pages, it still includes a table of contents, a resources section, and is professionally formatted with 38 photos that show you every step of how to make space rocks and planetary earrings. As with all my tutorials, you’ll learn more than just the steps, I also explain why we do certain things and give tips along the way to help you learn how to play with clay better.

BONUS! As a bonus, in addition to the space rocks, this tutorial shows how to make cool glow-in-the-dark planetary earrings. It’s a perfect project for making out-of-this-world jewelry. (Oh come on, I had to say it!)

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After purchase, you’ll get an email with a link to download your tutorial(s). It will be a professionally formatted pdf document that’s easily viewed on your computer, laptop, phone, or other device. My tutorials are very comprehensive, well organized, professionally laid out, and remarkably easy to follow. They include a table of contents, lots of tips and tricks, and include a resources section for where you can find supplies. Your purchase includes full customer support by email by which I’m available to help you enjoy your tutorial to the fullest.

Please note, this is a non-refundable item.

Text and images in this tutorial are Copyright © 2016 by Ginger Davis Allman, of The Blue Bottle Tree, all rights reserved. That means you can’t share this tutorial, teach or give it to friends, post the file or contents online, or sell it, etc. However, your creations are always yours to sell, share, and enjoy as you desire. I always appreciate credit and a shout-out whenever possible. Thank you!


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