Surface Patterns in Polymer Clay

Surface Patterns in Polymer Clay

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Learn to make colorful patterned sheets of polymer clay that you can turn into polymer clay earrings, trinket dishes, home decor, polymer clay jewelry, and more. The course explains how to make the Surface Patterns sheets and how to modify them to make new, related patterns. The process is demonstrated as we make three pairs of earrings that coordinate to make a set.

Earring makers, in particular, are going to find this series of techniques to be a game-changer. You will now have an endless library of patterns and designs for your jewelry.

The course can be followed as both an online course or 116 page printable PDF. Both can be read on any web-enabled device. Sources, links to suppliers, and detailed instructions are included including a troubleshooting section and many examples.

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This course is suitable for everyone from absolute newbies to seasoned experts. The tips and in-depth information that are sprinkled throughout this course will surprise you and take your polymer work to a new level. The course itself is fun. But you won’t want to stop making these Surface Pattern sheets. Soon you’ll have a whole library of them ready for you to create with them. It’s fast, it’s easy, and you will find yourself making “just one more”. I recommend that you work through the course the first-time making earrings so you will see the process and learn from that. Then repeat the process with your own designs in mind. Enjoy! You will need light-colored clay (I recommend Premo or Cernit, but others will work) and smaller amounts of darker, contrasting colors. And you’ll also use art materials that you’ll likely already have on hand, or they can be purchased in any craft store.

Here’s the fine print:

The course is online and digital, nothing will be mailed to you. It is not a video. You will access your course from your account here on the website (go to the little person icon in the upper right and then log in). The document version of the course contains 116 pages and well over 220 photos that show every step clearly.    

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13 reviews for Surface Patterns in Polymer Clay


    Hi Ginger!
    This was my first tutorial from your page and I absolutely LOVED IT!
    You are a great pedagog and it was easy to follow both online and as a PDF.
    I love that you link your supplies and other items you mention in the tutorial, that is really useful. I will definitely be purchasing other tutorials. I am a newcomer here and have learned a ton of super useful stuff from your page and even your IG page. THANK YOU for sharing your great knowledge with this community. You are definitely they glue that hold the makers together 🙂
    Kind regards from an american in Sweden,

  2. Suzanne

    Another fabulous tutorial by Ginger! Clear, informative and just plain awesome! Thank you for all the work!

  3. Shirley Henrichsen

    Always confident in Ginger’s tutorials. They are clearly written, with lots of tips and ideas, and Iwasted no time in trying a few things out. Thank you!

  4. Shimmysister

    I loved this tutorial. Like all of Ginger’s tutorials it was very easy to follow and extremely practical. I like that Ginger points out the little things that normally slip past me and which make all the difference when attempting to make a ‘superior’ product. I now have my very own coffee tamper and have found it to be one of the best new tools in my studio.

  5. Nadine Wenrich

    I really enjoyed reading this tutorial! Like always. Thank you very much!
    Can’t wait to try it.

  6. Alli Garrett

    This was really helpful in learning surface pattern techniques. I was way off trying to figure out a lot of it on my own!

  7. sharondevore

    As always an excellent tute. All of her tutorials are very detailed and covers everything you’d want to know.

  8. Roberta Ponte

    Five stars are NOT enough! This is such an amazing tutorial! There is a picture about every single step with a lot of additional info about materials, cleaning, keeping the clay and, of course, how to create the final piece.
    I haven’t yet finished a piece to show as I’m very very busy on creating new patterns because this technique is truly stimulating my creativity and, most important, I’m having a lot of fun! Thank you Ginger, this is a game changer

  9. Ruth H.

    As always, Ginger has provided very informative tutorial. I presently use student grade pastels and I’m now considering Pan Pastel for deeper color and ease of use.

  10. Westcountrycreative

    This is another excellent tutorial from Ginger, with lots of detail, ideas on ways to work, how to seal and finish your pieces etc etc. It’s so useful to have all the info in one location.

  11. Theresa Zerrenner

    While I haven’t as yet been able to use and apply the knowledge shared in this tutorial, it has given me many! Ideas for future projects. Ginger ALWAYS provides a wealth of practical information in her tutorials and this one was no exception. I can’t wait to start using the new stencils I bought to create a whole new collection using Ginger’s guidance

  12. Sarah Bunyard

    Once again, Ginger has opened a new door that takes me in directions I had not imagined. These techniques are a launching platform to a new world.

  13. Esther

    This tutorial is as detailed and full of information as all Ginger´s tutes. It offers a lot of possiblities to explore and play with stencils, pastels and so many things. It was well worth the money, as all the other tutorials I have from her.

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