Sourcing Clay in a Pandemic

If you have a lot of clay in your stash and haven’t braved the stores in a while, you might not realize that there’s a problem. A big problem. There’s a worldwide polymer clay shortage right now.

Whether it’s due to pandemic shutdowns or due to a massive uptick in new polymer clayers making earrings is irrelevant at this point. Clay is getting to be rarer than hens’ teeth. This is especially true for white. And because Souffle is very popular with earring makers, it’s usually snapped up as soon as a supplier receives a new shipment.

So don’t message me asking where you can buy white Premo. I don’t know, either. 😉

Now’s the time to get creative. Use your stash. Find ways to soften all those old blocks you didn’t want to face. And explore new brands, too. Everyone knows about the Sculpey brands, but what about Prism&Pro, Papa’s Clay in the UK and the US, PVClay? Don’t forget Fimo, Cernit, Pardo, and Kato, too! Explore new suppliers. Look into buying overseas. Exchange rates often make up for shipping costs, especially if your order is either very small (a single bar) or very large. Feel free to message foreign shops if you have questions.

And if you have some unused colors that you’d like to get rid of, consider “releasing” it into a destash group. Let someone else enjoy that clay! Swap colors with friends. We’re creatives, right? Let’s get creative!

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