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Tag: conditioning series

Rejuvenating Old Clay Sheets and Veneers

Whether we’re saving cool Skinner blends or keeping decorated sheets/veneers for future use, we often run into trouble when it comes time to use those sheets. With time, the sheets usually become brittle, start to crack, and are no longer suitable for being used. What’s causing this and is there a way to save these sheets?

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7/7: Polymer Clay Brands and Flow

Each brand of clay has its own quirks and will condition differently than other brands. Here are some tips that I’ve noticed about various brands of polymer clay, including CosClay and Papa’s Clay.

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6/7: Shear Stress

Have you ever had a bar of clay shatter into crumbs when you put it through the pasta machine? Does that mean the clay’s old? Not always! It might mean that you’re working with a brand of clay with low shear strength.

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5/7: Plastigels, Newton, and Conditioning

Polymer clay is made up of particles and the ways that the particles interact can greatly affect the way the polymer clay behaves. This article explains why conditioning is important. (Psst…it’s not what you’ve been told.) And hey, what does Newton have to do about it anyway?

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3/7: Plastisols and plastigels

Plastisols and plastigels are types of vinyl formulations that are used to make everyday objects. But you’re already familiar with them and probably have them in your studio right now!

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1/7: What is vinyl?

What is vinyl? Yes, I know you know what vinyl is. It’s so ubiquitous and present in our lives that it’s around you right now. But did you know that it’s also in your craft room?

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