Convo with Heidi Helyard

Heidi Helyard is a graphic designer, textile artist, writer, teacher, and polymer clay jewelry maker from Sydney, Australia. She’s known for her clean, bright, modern style and has been a major influence in the contemporary earring movement. Our fascinating conversation covered a range of topics that included compartmentalizing your work, diversifying your income stream, finding your voice, dealing with imposter syndrome, and of course peeks into Heidi’s thoughts about her work. It was a great conversation. Please enjoy.

You can buy Heidi’s new book, Creative Polymer Clay, on Amazon or your favorite bookstore. You can also buy directly from Heidi on her website at

Heidi’s informative and inspiring weekly newsletter, Studio Scraps, is well worth the price and you can buy a subscription 0n her website here. You can also buy back issues. Well worth it!

Thank you so much for spending time with us, Heidi!