Conversation with syndee holt

Many of you know syndee holt as an esteemed teacher and polymer clay expert and you may even have met her at events or seen her on TV. But we’ll sit down and get to know syndee better as she talks about her career and particularly, what it’s like to be a Sculpey Influencer.

Thanks for a great call!

I apologize to everyone about this video. Technology is a comedy of errors. I did manage to record the zoom call (yay!) but I recorded it in gallery view. That means syndee was a tiny little square and everyone was visible for the whole call. Not optimal! So I did a little magic and just over half of this is audio only. But syndee’s new product demonstration comes in at 39:30, so definitely have the video on for that part. Sorry about that!

Thanks to both syndee holt and all the wonderful Insiders for your time, energy, and great conversation!

Here’s the t-shirt that syndee mentioned in the interview. She had these made for herself and Marie Segal when they did trade shows for Polyform.