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So many people have asked me to start a Patreon, so I did something better and created an entire membership area on my website that includes all the features listed below. Be immersed in a custom-created community and maker culture that focuses on creating confidently (and well) with polymer clay. Join me!

(Note: unlike other maker communities, this is NOT on Facebook. Want more info? Read more below.)

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The Blue Bottle Tree is the go-to and heartily recommended polymer clay resource for beginners as well as experienced clayers. But that’s only the beginning. Come inside to learn more.

Membership is $10 per month, billed automatically and seamlessly until you want to stop. No weird obligations or hidden stuff. You can control your subscription (or even put it on hold) from your account. Easy peasy.

Unlike other maker communities, Insiders doesn’t use Facebook or other privacy-compromising platforms. No algorithms, ads, or data-mining.

Here’s what you’ll get when you join Blue Bottle Insiders:


  • Ginger:Unfiltered
  • live online interviews
  • live BYOB events
  • Insider’s Library (exclusive articles and resources)
  • private interactive community (not on Facebook)


  • polymer making
  • everything polymer clay
  • creative growth
  • business tips
  • networking with others
  • new ideas, experiments, behind-the-scenes studio stuff, etc.


  • culture of excellence
  • support
  • accurate info
  • connection with others
  • access to Ginger and her unique approach

You can see a preview here. Come Inside!



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