Polymer Clay Crackle Compendium

Polymer Clay Crackle Compendium

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Join me as I explore the world of creating polymer clay crackle effects in this juicy course that has nearly 200 photos and comes in just under 100 pages. Learn about the major types of crackle and learn how to control, modify, and combine those crackle processes to make hundreds (or even unlimited!) intriguing crackle surface effects for your creations. Learn why you might have struggled with crackle in the past and explore new ways to use the materials you already have to make rustic, grunge, sophisticated, or even contemporary crackle effects! The course is delivered online, in course format, that’s easily navigated on any device. It’s also available as a PDF download for those who want to print it for their library.

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You will have instant access to this course and it’s delivered online within a course-type online learning environment. It’s clearly laid out and easily navigated. For those who prefer to print out a course and read it offline, a PDF is included. There’s a detailed resources section where supplies are listed. I also include a list of trusted polymer clay suppliers and sources around the world. The course itself is a report on my explorations of crackle effects and details how to use common materials to create and modify crackle effects. You can create crackles with polymer clay alone or with readily available materials, even ones you already have at home. This course will give you insight into the way that crackle materials behave so that you can make new crackle discoveries. There’s a Crackle Gallery where I have shared an array of crackle effects and detailed the steps that I used to create them. Dozens (hundreds?) of crackle variations are possible with what you’ll learn in this course.

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14 reviews for Polymer Clay Crackle Compendium

  1. Sherri Thompson

    This tutorial is full of so much wonderful information. If you think you know everything about the crackle techniques available, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the new ideas in this tutorial. I highly recommend this, as well as all of Ginger’s tutorials. They are very thorough and an invaluable resource for all your claying queries!

  2. Mary

    The Crackle Compendium is a great tutorial! It is comprehensive, answering every possible question about the technique. It shows what works, and what doesn’t, which saves me from finding that out on my own.

  3. Sarah Bunyard

    This is far more than a short video. Ginger offers up a dizzying amount of information about different techniques and materials. She explains why some techniques work with x materials and others do not.
    If you love crackle this tut will help you explore and experiment.

  4. Jo Hunter

    This is another thoroughly researched and well written tutorial with lots of photos and good advice throughout. It’s all the little tips that Ginger includes, which make it so useful. I’ve had lots of fun trying out some new techniques – many thanks Ginger!

  5. Linda Lacey

    This Crackle Compendium assembled by Ginger is exactly what I needed to understand what products or processes lead to specific types of effects. The research she puts into her tutorials is rigorous and we are the beneficiaries. Thanks, Ginger!

  6. rrchisenhall

    If you’ve read Ginger’s articles in the past, then you can begin to imagine how in-depth and professional her tutorials are. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced polymer clayer, this tutorial is easy to understand and follow and will be a must-have staple in your polymer clay experience. Guaranteed to make you want to hurry up and crackle some clay! Thank you, Ginger, for your generosity in sharing your knowledge with the rest of us!

  7. Judith Moore

    This is the 6th tutorial I’ve purchased, Ginger, and I’m so delighted with each of them. Altho I’m a seasoned artist in other venues, I’m a newbie to PC & your website is now my #1 “go-to” site. Thanks so much for being so helpful on my new journey.

  8. Stacy Shaffe

    Ginger’s tutorials are all terrific, and this one is I different! Great instructions, fabulous pictures and most importantly, spot on research! Love it!

  9. bashton

    Here is absolutely everything you need to know about crackle effects with polymer clay. Clearly written, easy to understand and loads of photos; it may be a while before I do anything else but explore crackling.

  10. Megan

    Another brilliant tutorial, clear explanations of varying techniques, ideas to use as jumping off points, pros and cons of various products and plenty of photos! There is just so much to explore!

  11. philip wiegard

    wonderful tutorial! very comprehensive and in depth, easy to understand even for me as a beginner. thank you!

  12. Marcia Antle

    All of the tutorials from here are awesome, easy to follow and detailed.

  13. marijke

    Whow, how comprehensive is this tutorial, every small version covered. Once again I am very impressed, and have added it to my previous many tutorials bought already on the other topics. I really recommend this wonderfully inspiring reference, and like the idea of having my personal PDF to checkthrough regularly. So thanks again also for the continued advice via facebook, you create a fantastic library 😉

  14. Janet Bouey

    At a first look through, I am very impressed with the depth of information in this tutorial. As someone who has already explored crackle a fair amount I was pleased to see there are many new to me ideas. I’m looking forward to settling in and exploring this tutorial in the near future.

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